TAO Development

By Myrgthe
  • Recruiting Drive

    Soak up the guildless fast levelers, grab the rest of friends, start talking up 10 man raiding plans on Trade.
  • Administrative planning complete

    Web page, guild rules, etc. ready for WotLK release
  • Pre-WotLK Recruiting Drive

    Nail down and /ginvite the players who want to get in on the ground floor of the project.
  • Release

    Rush to level 80
  • 10-man Raiding

    Start 10-man raids with a tight team.
  • Recruiting Drive

    Establish stable 10-man raiding and talk about early ventures to 25-man raid instances.
  • First 25-man Raid

    Early venturing to 25-man raiding. Probably still short some classes, but continue recruiting and at least get to see some new content.
  • Stable 25-man Raiding

    This was pushed back from eight to nine weeks post release because of Christmas holidays.