• Born in Atchisin, Kansas

    Amelia Earhart is born into the lives of Amy Earhart and Edwin Earhart.
  • Graduation

    Amelia graduates from Hyde Park High School and starts college at Ogontz School.
  • Nurse

    Amelia works as a nurse at the Spadina Military Hospital in Toronto,Ontario.
  • Rides Plane

    Rides Plane
    Amelia rides in an airplane for the first time.
  • Flying Lesson

    Flying Lesson
    Amelia takes her first flying lesson and flies solo for the first time in June.
  • Teacher

    Amelia takes a job as a teacher at the Denison House.
  • First woman to fly!!!!!

    First woman to fly!!!!!
    Earhart becomes the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.
  • Frist woman to fly solo across the Atlantic

    Frist woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
    Wins the National Geographic Society's gold medal.
  • First person to fly solo

    She was the first person to fly solo from
    Hawaii to California.
  • Disapear

    Begins around-the-world flight in March; disappears on the way to Howland Island July 2nd.