• INVENTION of the telegraph

  • end of civil war

    confederacy surrenders to the union
  • transcontinental railroad

    railroad that connected the whole continent.

    boss tweed was a big corrupt boss in new york who stole peoples money. he was put in prison till death after they caught him when he fled the country
  • telephone is invented

  • end of reconstruction

    also known as the comprimise of 1877, it was an agreement that a certain president would be elected as long as the reconstruction plan ended.
  • homestead act

    Gave 160 acres of land to setlers who paid a small fee and farmed the land for 5 years
  • chinese exclusion act

    prohibited the chinese from entering the u.s. for ten years
  • time zones created

    four zones, each separated by an hour to have accurate time.
  • pendleton act passed

    act established civil service commmision
  • battle of little big horn

    attack by george custer on native americans that was thwarted by the indians.
  • dawes act

    gave indians land to farm as long as they gave up their ways and beliefs
  • sherman anti trust act.

    protect buyer and other companies from illegal monopolies and restraint
  • battle of wounded knee

    soilders tried to take weapons from the indians but the got into a battle. ended with big loss for indians
  • ellis island opens

    ellis island opens in new york harbor to let inn immigrans.
  • model t invented