playing with the boys

  • the move

    the move
    Lucy Malone's mother dies. So, her dad decides to move them from Toledo, Ohio to Malibu, California. Lucy's dad thinks this is the best way for them to start moving on, but Lucy wants to stay with her friends in Ohio. i choose to use an airplance taking off because to get to ohio to california your best way is by plane. and it shows that Lucy had to leave all her friends and memories behind.
  • soccer time.

    soccer time.
    Lucy, in love with soccer, was counting the days until the soccer try outs. Sadly, after "hellweek" and all those drills she done, she didnt make the team and thought she was never going to make friends now that she wasnt on the team. i choose a soccer ball to represent the game soccer its self. also because her dad mentions soccer things like balls and shoes in the book.
  • oh my.

    oh my.
    the football teams kicker gets hurt and the team is looking for someone to take his spot. Soccer coach, Martie, influences Lucy to try out for the spot. Lucy thinks its not a good idea but she starts llikeing it and trys out and makes the team. i choose jerseys because all the members on the team have to wear them. also because it shows you are part of something.
  • "no" daddy says.

    "no" daddy says.
    Lucys dad forbids Lucy from playing football. Lucy then begins to lie to her dad making up where shes at when she is at practice and games. her dad thinks she is in the cheerleading team from one of Lucys lies. i choose a cheerleader and football player to show the truth and the lie of Lucy.
  • falling in love.

    falling in love.
    Lucy starts to begin liking the gameof football. she discovers she actually wants to play. she starts to have some problems though. Lucy starts liking the star quaterback, ryan, but lossing one of her firsdt friends there, bengji, becasue he likes her. i choose the picture of best friends becasue it shows the question Lucy hhas to ask herself. who does she want her bestfriend or her hot crush?
  • i think we like the same guy.

    i think we like the same guy.
    pickle tells Lucy that she like ryan. Lucy ,trying to be a good friend, says she will try to get them to together. although lucy doesnt want to becasue she likes ryan too. well the two girls get a note from ryan in there locks saying to meet him at the bleacher. but it was a set up from the head cheerleader kendal. the two girls fight. i choose a broken heart because both girls were hurt by ryan and the fake note.
  • all alone and gotta see him.

    all alone and gotta see  him.
    lucy has to go to football knowing the guy she likes doesnt like her. and she doesnt have one of her best friend pickle or the other girls from the soocer team. things between her and her dad are getting tense. will se have to quick the team? i choose this because this states that she is all alone with no one know. not even her dad.
  • all better.

    all better.
    lucy and picke and all the other girls are friends. ryan apolizages and there better. and there isnt tension. i choose this picure of best friends beccause it shows that best friends stick together.
  • ryan, all overagain

    ryan, all overagain
    ryan asks lucy to the prom. wanting to say yes lucy said no. she wanted benji to, more like wanted benji alot more. and she didnt want to risk there friendship.
  • in the end.

    in the end.
    benji and lucy dance. they go out. and everything is a-okay. it shows that benji and lucy were meant to be.