Blue moon

Blue Moon

  • Period: to

    Blue Moon

  • A week before the play

    the night that Ever agrees to go to the play then to the hotel with Damen
  • Miles play

    The night that Damen doesn't show up to take Ever home, and when Roman starts hitting on Ever.
  • Ever talks to Damen

    Ever called Damen about 20 times on the 4th and he is acting as if he doesn't want to have anything to do with her. He is thinking she is a stalker.
  • Damen acts different

    Damen is ignoring Ever, even though they were dating, he acts like he isn't her boyfriend.
  • Roman starts bugging Ever

    Roman tells Ever that she needs to move past Damen and go with him. Because Damen is obviously not interested anymore.
  • Ever is taken off the list

    Damen lives in a rich neighborhood and has ever taken off the guest lists, which aloud her to come to his house whenever she wanted to.
  • The whole school

    the whole school starts acting weird, Miles starts hanging out with Craig, Honor's boyfriend, Haven starts hanging out wih Honor
  • Ever goes to see Ava

    Ava is like a psych, ever goes to see her and asks Ava what she should do about Damen.
  • Ava and Ever

    Ava and Ever sneek into Damens neighrborhood, Ava pretends to be Stacy. The go to Damens house so that Ever can switch the red juice so that Damen would hopefully go back to normal. Damen comes home and finds them. Warns Ever if she doesn't get out then he will call the police. Damen laughs at her because she brought Ava with her, Damen calls Ava Ever's psych.
  • Roman and Stacy

    Roman and Stacy are sitting at lunch together and Ever finally gives in and sits with Roman.
  • Rami made th cirlce

    Rami from Summerland made a circle around Damen that Roman can not get into unless Ever breaks the circle.
  • Roman and Ever

    Roman tells Ever that it was him all along, he casted some sort of spell on the whole school and Damen. Everyone except Ever because she can read peoples minds except Roman.
  • Ever, Roman, Damen

    Roman tells Ever if she adds a drop of her blood to the atidote then Damen will be cured and will live.
    Once she does and Damen drinks it he is better, but Roman starts laughing and tells Ever that her and Damen can never touch skin to skin again or kiss or anything that would exchane their DNA. Because if that happens then Damen will die and never come back.
  • Roman leaves, Damen wakes up

    Ever is about to kill Roman but Roman tells her that he has an antidote for the antidote that Damen just drank. Roman leaves and Damen wakes up and asks what happened. The last thing he remembers is going to the Miles play, but the rest is blank.
  • leaving

    Roman dissapears and Ever makes sure not to make skinto skin contact with Damen but helps him up and takes him to a place where she can explain what happened.
  • Roman explains

    Roman tells Ever that since she killed Drina he is planning on killing Damen. Taking her one rue love away like she, Ever, took Romans true love Drina away.