The West

  • French Trade

    In 1669 the French traders sersuaded a group of highly-placed English buisnessmen and politicians to invest in their scheme to establish fur trading posts on the shores of Hudson Bay
  • Canoe Route

    In 1734 La Verendrye's men established the canoe route from lake Superior through Rainy lake to lake Winnipg.
  • La Verendrye

    La Verendrye travelled up the Red River to the Forks
  • Fort Dauphin

    In 1741 Fort Dauphin was established on Lake Manitoba
  • Rocky Mountains

    In 1742 La Verendyre came to the Rocky Mountains in what now is the western United States
  • Fort La Corne

    In 1753 Fort La Corne was built near the Forks of Saskatchewan River close to modern day Prince Albert
  • Hudson Bay Company

    In 1754 the HBC responded to French Competition by sending traders inland to get furs to help the Indian traders get past the French
  • HBC

    In 1809 new directors took control of the HBC in London
  • Red River

    In 1812 the first Selkirk settlers arrived, and started farming at Red River
  • Metis Attack

    In 1816 Twenty-one selkirk settlers, including their leader, Robert Semple, were killed by a group of Metis led by Cuthbert Grant at the Battle of Seven Oaks outside the Red River Settlement