• Crash of US Stock Exchange

    Crash of US Stock Exchange
    The crash of the US stock exchange on "Black Friday" which choked off Japanese trade with other countries.
  • A New Prime Minister

    A New Prime Minister
    The new Prime Minister was Hideki Tojo. He wanted to attack all americans.
  • Period: to


  • Loss of men

    Loss of men
    The Japanese lost 3,500 men. America lost 307. They did not want to sign a peace agreement, and continued to fight.
  • Japanese lost the war

    Japanese lost the war
    It was time to give up. The Japanese realized the war was essentially lost.
  • Plane strikes

    Plane strikes
    A plane struck the Indianapolis
  • Travel

    Indianapolis sailed from mare island, traveling south twenty-five miles to hunters point naval shipyard
  • The Sinking and skattered men

    The Sinking and skattered men
    The sinking of the USS indianapolis. Men were struggling to stay afloat, and fighting for there lives.
  • Period: to

    Deciding who to blame

  • Found the men

    Found the men
    Men were finally noticed and brought back to land. Many of the survivors were going crazy. There was only a total of 56 survivors in this massive disaster
  • The court martial

    The court martial
    The court martial decided to blame Captian McVay for not sending a call out to help. He was suppose to tell resuers that that ship was abandoned.
  • Repairs on USS Indianapolis

    Repairs on USS Indianapolis
    Repairs still in progress but held an open house for tours of the Indianapolis ship.
  • Period: to

    The Burden of Guilt

  • History Fair Project

    History Fair Project
    This is the date of the History Fair. Hunter wrote to president clintion and John Dalton. Hunter recieved "no" letters. In this same year, Hunter Scott was the guest of honor at indianapolis survivors parade.
  • Mike Monroney

    Mike Monroney
    Mike Monroney helped Hunter Scott with legislation.
  • Testified

    Hunter Scott testified with the survivors before the senate armed forces commitee.
  • Resolution

    Resolution of the ship was passed and McVays name was cleared.