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  • Lincoln election

    Lincoln was elected the 16th president.
  • South Carolina

    When South Carolina Seceded the union.
  • Mississippi

    When Mississippi seceded the Union.
  • Florida

    When Florida seceded the Union.
  • Alabama

    When Alabama seceded the union.
  • Georgia

    When Georgia seceded the Union.
  • Louisiana

    When Louisiana seceded the Union.
  • Texas

    When Texas seceded the Union.
  • Fort Sumter

    Southern troops took over the fort. Noone was killed.
  • Virginia

    When Virginia seceded the Union.
  • Arkansas

    When Arkansas seceded the Union.
  • Tennesse

    When Tennesse seceded the Union.
  • North carolina

    When North Carolina seceded the Union.
  • Battle of Bull Run

    Was at Manassas Junction near bull run. The north was defeated. 2900 people died.
  • Monitor Merrimack

    Were two warships that met.
  • Shiloh

    Grant went to Shiloh to meet more confederate troops, There was a suprise attack and Grant was loseing till more troops came and helped. 23746 people died.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Lee took command telling the confederate forces that he planned to carry the fight to the enemy. The battle happend in Sharpsburg. 23100 people died.
  • Fredericksburg

    Lincoln replaced General McClellan with Ambrose Burnside. Burnside's men were slaughtered at Fredricksburg. 17429 people died.
  • emancipation proclamation

    Put a name on something that already was happening.
  • Chancellorsville

    General Lee fought against General Joseph Hooker. Lee won the battle and Stonewall Jackson was killed. 20000 people died.
  • Vicksburg

    Grant surrounded a fort and on july 4th they surrendered.35835 people died.
  • West Virginia

    When West Virginia became a state.
  • Gettysburg

    Robert E Lee invaded Pennsyvania. 51000 people died. This battle lasted 3 days. The southerners retreated into Virginia.
  • Little round top

    During the battle of Gettysburg. Joshua Chamberland kept the confederates off.
  • March to the Sea

    William Sherman marched 300 miles ans destroyed everything with in 60 miles.
  • 13th Amendment

    Ended slavery.
  • Appomatox Courthouse

    Confederate army surrenders.
  • Lincoln Assassination

    Lincoln was assassinated.