Timeline of Dracula

By lowrie
  • Jan 1, 1462

    Vlad the impaler

    Vlad the impaler
    The reign of Vlad the impaler is part of the inspiration for the Dracula story
  • Elizabeth Báthory

    Elizabeth Báthory
    another instance of inspiration for the dracula story written by Bram Stoker, this woman killed hundred of virgin women and bathed in their blood as an attempt to keep herself looking young
  • the word vampire

    the first time the word "Vampire" appears in the english language
  • publishing of "The vampyre"

    john polidori published this book in 1819 and it was the first story of a vampire to show it as a charismatic and sophisticated creature which has defined how vampires are seen in todays fiction.
  • Bram Stoker writes "Dracula"

    Bram Stoker writes "Dracula"
    Bram Stoker written the novel Dracula in 1897
  • Count Orlok

    The film Nosferatu comes out which is an adaption of the dracula story because the makers weren't able to gain the rights to the original story.
  • Dracula the play

    Dracula the play
    Dracula is a 1924 stage play adapted by Hamilton Deane from the novel of the same name by Bram Stoker.
  • Dracula the movie

    The first official movie adaptation was given the same name as the book and took inspiration mainly from the stage play rather than the novel
  • Castlevania

    the first video game to contain a representation of dracula which was developed by the company "Konami" and was released for the FDS (family disk system) and has in recent years spread across a huge variety of gaming consoles even up to the consoles used in the present. (PS3 and Xbox 360)