" Washingtons Life Of Events "

By ciara
  • Attacks

    Yakima, Klickitat and Cascades Indians attacked the settlements in the Cascades
  • Killings

    During the winter settlers in Puget Sound were killed by indians.
  • Trouble

    Colonel Edward Steptoe and one hundred sixty soldiers traveled to Colville to look into some trouble between the natives and the miners.
  • beginning

    The civil war broke out.
  • education...

    The first public school in Northeast Wshington was founded.
  • News???

    The first daily newspaper began ( Olympia's Pacific Tribune )
  • The end...

    The last of Wahingtons Indian wars were fought.
  • State...

    The year that Washington became a state.
  • work..

    Manufacturing in Washington doubled..
  • The Right..

     The Right..
    Washington women finally got the right to vote.
  • No Work..

     No Work..
    There were over 10,000 unemployed people in Seattle.
  • Mayor

    Seattle voters elected John Dore as mayor.
  • ART

    The Seattle art musuem was opened .
  • Population

    Washingtons population had increased by 500,000
  • Law

    There were several black lawyers that started in Washington.
  • A Visit

    Both Martin Luther King and his wife Corette came and vistited Seattle.
  • Fair

    Seattles world fair was named 21 century took place in Seattle
  • leader

    black power leader Stokley Carmicheal spoke in Seattle
  • comitte

    The organizing comitee basedin California, visited Washington state
  • boeing

    Boeing lost some federal contacts and commercial airlines.