Tianni's & Tysha's Olympic timeline!

By dgps4b
  • Athens, Greece

    Athens, Greece
    The first modern Olympic games. 14 countries are represented by about 245 men competing in 43 events.
  • Paris, France

    Paris, France
    1319 men from 26 countries compete in 75 events and for the first time 11 women are allowed to compete in lawn tennis and golf.
  • Saint Louis, USA

    Saint Louis, USA
    Only 13 countries show up. Fred Lorz rides in a car for 17.7 kilometres during the marathon.
  • Itercolated games (Athens , Greece)

    Itercolated games (Athens , Greece)
    we don't know any information about these games. Sorry.
  • London, Great Britain

    London, Great Britain
    Mt Vesuvius eruption caused the games to move from Rome to London.
  • Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm, Sweden
    Women compete in swimming events for the first time and none of them were from America.
  • Berlin, Germany

    Berlin, Germany
    These games were cancelled due to World War 1.
  • Antwerp, Belgium

    Antwerp, Belgium
    The Olympic flag was introduced. Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary and Turkey are not invited for being on the wrong side of the great war.
  • Paris, France

    Paris, France
    Germany was still banned from the Olympic games but the other four countries that were banned in 1920 were back.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    The Olympic flame was introduced. Germany came back.
  • Los Angeles, USA

    Los Angeles, USA
    No soccer events.
  • Berlin, Germany

    Berlin, Germany
    The first Olympic torch relay.
  • Bad thing happened

    Bad thing happened
    Stopped from 1944 to 1948 due to World War 2.
  • United Kingdom, London

    United Kingdom, London
    The first games to be shown on home television.
    Germany and Japan aren't invited but 59 other countries attend.
  • Helsinki, Finland

    Helsinki, Finland
    Russian athletes participate in running for the first time in forty years.
  • Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne, Australia
    Qurantine laws don't allow foreign horses in Australia so the equestrian events were held in Stockholm.
  • Rome, Italy

    Rome, Italy
    A record 5,348 athletes compete from 83 different countries
  • Tokyo, Japan

    Tokyo, Japan
    Japan spends about $3 billion to rebuild Tokyo after the World War 2 bombings and earthquakes.
  • Mexico City, Mexico

    Mexico City, Mexico
    These games were held in the highest altitude at 7,349 feet. The thin air was bad for athletes to breathe so that meant short relay races and running events and jumping.
  • Munich, West Germany

    Munich, West Germany
    The Olympic Oath Is taken by a referee for the first time.
    Mark Spitz sets seven world records and won seven gold in swimming events.
  • Montreal, Canada

    Montreal, Canada
    14 year old Nadia Comaneci scores seven perfect tens
    on her way to three golds, a silver and bronze medal.Her event was gymnastics. No one else has ever achieved one perfect ten but she won seven.
  • Moscow, Soviet Union

    Moscow, Soviet Union
    The first games to be held in a communist country.
    80 nations participate down from 122 at Munich.
  • Los Angeles, USA

    Los Angeles, USA
    A record of 144 countries show up but without the Soviets and East Germans the Americans win nearly
    3 times as much medals as their closest competitors.
  • Seoul, South Korea

    Seoul, South Korea
    North Korea, Cuba and Ethiopia refused to paticipate.
    159 nations compete though, with 2,186 women.
  • Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona, Spain
    The first time in decades, every nation shows up, even North Korea, Cuba and South Africa.
  • Atlanta, USA

    Atlanta, USA
    179 countries show up, and 79 win medals.
  • Sydney, Australia

    Sydney, Australia
    10,651 athletes show up from every country, the only one excluded is Afghanistan.
  • Athens, Greece

    Athens, Greece
    The games return to Greece.
  • Beijing, China

    Beijing, China
    For the first time the games are held in China. 8 is the lucky number for China. The opening ceremony was one of the most memorable, with the drummers, the scroll, the blocks, the torch relay, the lighting of the flame, fireworks and much more!