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Tylenol PM Big Sleep Show Timeline

  • Period: to

    Sleep Show Timeline

  • Activation plan to TyPM

    Send deck & copy to Tylenol PM Team with consumer experiences, descriptions, details, etc. Tylenol to submit to PRC for approval
  • TyPM to suggest copy edits

    Carly & Christina to submit back to T10 any edits or comments on copy or graphics.
  • TyPM PRC walk-through

    Tylenol PM team to go through with PRC trade show activation, copy, graphics (previously approved) and await feedback for changes.
  • Sleep Tracker tear-sheets go to print

    T10 to send off creative to vendor for Sleep Tracker tear-sheets. Tear sheets are already approved with PRC. -PDF is available to print online.
  • Resubmit copy / creative as needed

  • T10 to order cups & plastic bags

    10k Branded dixie cups
    30k plastic bags
  • Finaly copy approval on all items

  • Period: to


  • Begin Fabrication/Graphic Design

    MC2 to begin fabrication, need to ensure timely creation and graphics