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Whatever I want (Reconstruction)

  • Slaves Arrive in Jamestown

    Slaves Arrive in Jamestown
    They show up under the pretense of being "indentured servants" but we all know how well that went
  • Period: to

    American Revoution

    Disconected the Instutiution of Slavery from Brittan. Unfourtunate for the Slaves because of acts happening in British Parlement later in time
  • Slavery Abolished in Massachusetts

    Slavery Abolished in Massachusetts
    With slavery baned in MA, it was now plausable that the whole entire institution would wear out within the country
  • Constitutional Convention

    Constitutional Convention
    3/5th compromise- took down the level of rights that a slave could help to achive down significantly
  • Haitian Revoution

    Haitian Revoution
    First and only sucessfull slave revolt leading to widesperead freedom- gave American Slaves hope for freedom
  • Slave Auction

    Slave Auction
    Extremly Demening public autions were commonplace within this time period
  • Nat Tuner Slave Rebeion

    Nat Tuner Slave Rebeion
    Happened in Virginina. Seriously impeded the few rights that Slaves had- anyone who was even thought to be involved with the rebelion were killed.
  • Slavery Abolition Act 1833

    Slavery Abolition Act 1833
    Forbade slavery in almost all British Territories. Except for the territories heald by the East India Company
  • William Lloyd Garrison

    William Lloyd Garrison
    Created the Abolitionist Newspaper, The Liberator . Started the American Abolitonist movment
  • Dredd Scott Decision

    Dredd Scott Decision
    Declared that slaves did not have any citizenship, so they could not sue
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    Threw up the status of the union up in the air. Used Abolition as a scapegoat near the end.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    Freed all Southren Slaves- but none within the border states
  • New York Draft Riot

    New York Draft Riot
    An Irish protest which lead to lynching of freemen
  • 13th Amendmant enters the constitution

    13th Amendmant enters the constitution
    Slavery is no longer legal,
  • Black Codes

    Black Codes
    Refuted most of the effects of Radical Republican reconstructions in the deep south.
  • 14th amendmant

    14th amendmant
    Citizenship is granted to all former slaves- negated the effects of the Dred Scott Decision
  • 15th Amendmant

    15th Amendmant
    Gave the vote to African Americans
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Plessy v. Ferguson
    Allowed for segregation to get bad- seprate but equal is legal.