child development

  • conception

    when the baby was concieved
  • birth

    the day the child was born
  • 8 weeks

    8 weeks
    8 weeks old
  • perceptual development

    perceptual development
    the baby now preferres pictures of the human face to any other pictures, such as newsprint, a bulls-eye, or colored disks without patterns
  • sensorimotor stage

    the infant now understands that there is a relationship between their physical movements and the results they sense and perceive. The infant is fascinated by his or her hands and feet.
  • mobility

    the baby learns to turn from stomach to side
  • visual

    by this time, patterns begin to matter. babies then begin to stare longer at face-like patterns
  • mobility

    the baby can now sit up
  • mobility

    the baby can now crawl around
  • mobility

    the baby can now nod his/her head
  • object performance

    object performance
    the infant can search for a hidden stuffed animal. "object performance" is the understanding that objects exist even when they cannot be seen or touched.
  • mobility

    the baby now begins to be able to stand
  • mobility

    the baby is now able to walk around.
  • preoperational stage

    preoperational stage
    at two years, the children begin to use words and symbols (language) to represent objects.
  • concrete-operational stage

    concrete-operational stage
    at age seven, children begin to show signs of adult thinking.