3 stages of labor

  • First Stage of Labor

    The baby enter the world head first. Some enter the pelvis with their feet or buttocks first known as breech presentation. the first stage ends with a period called transtion which means change. Transitions completes the work of the first stage. the cervix becomes diolated up to 10cm and the babies head slips out of the uterus into the birth conal.
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    The three stages of labor

  • the first stage of labor

    the first stage of labor
    Contractions make the cervix dialate, or widen. The cervix also becomes thinner, changing from its thickness of about 19mm to become as thin as a sheet of paper. Contractions are starting to come regular intervals. Contractions last about 30 seconds and occure up to 20 minutes apart.. when they last about 60 seconds and occure two to five minutes apart, then the woman is in "active labor".
  • The Second Stage of Labor

    When she pushes, hse uses her muscles to expel the baby. Earlier pushing the baby might have resulted in tearing of delicate tissues, or other injuries. During labor a hormone called relazin allows this tissue to strech like rubber bands. Sometimes doctors surgical tongs called movement.
  • The Second Stage of Labor

    when the top of the head appears at the opening of the birth canal, it is called crowning. After crowning the babies head emerges first. The head has changed its shape to ease passage through the birth canal. It will return to normal. After the head, the shoulders follow. Then the rest of the baby slips out easliy,This stage is more productive, you start pushing the baby thogutht he pelvis and out of the vagina, or birth canal. During this stage it is safe for the mother to push.
  • The Third Stage of Pregnancy

    The Third Stage of Pregnancy
    After birth, the mother maybe able to rest beiefly and then may feel a few contractions and a disire to push. . These contractions are not painful. after the baby comes out, the mother mother pushes the placenta out. The mother can now start bonding with her child.