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3-Mother Teresa

  • The Birth Of Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu

    The Birth Of Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu
    Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu was born Agust 26, 1910. She was the future Mother Teresa. Gonxha was born in Albania. She once said, "By blood, I am Albanian. By citezenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a catholic nun. As to my heart, I belong entirely to Jesus."
  • Jesus, Her Love

    Jesus, Her Love
    Jesus was everything to Mother Teresa. He called her to, "satiate his thirst for souls." Mother Teresa worked her entire life to spread faith, to bring Jesus to the slums of India. She chose to, "never refuse him anything." This mindset shaped Mother Teresa's entire life and she "loved him more deeply than he had ever been loved." I chose her birthdate for this event, but Mother Teresa's love for Jesus not only started at birth, but stretched through birth, death, and beyond.
  • Sister Tersa

    Sister Tersa
    Gonxha becomes Sister Teresa after taking her vows with the Loreto Convent. The Loreto Convent is in Ireland. It was established in 1846.
  • Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa
    Sister Teresa is overjoyed to take her final vows with the Loreto Convent and become Mother Teresa, spouse to Jesus. The process to decide to become a nun takes more than two years, and is called discernment. This took great patience on the part of Mother Teresa, who was known as a young sister as an extremly hasty person.
  • Period: to

    World War 2

    While Mother Teresa taught at St. Mary's school in Calcutta, World War 2 raged not so very far away. World War 2 was caused partly by anger and resentment built up in Nazi Germany. India declared war on Nazi Germany in September 1939.
  • Period: to

    Bengal Famine

    While the Bengal Famine was unrelated to Mother Teresa's work, the sisters did sometimes find themselves without food. The Bengal Famine was caused partly by the cutting off of the shipment of rice to Bengal because of WW2. The famine killed millions of Indians.
  • "Day Of Great Killing"

    "Day Of Great Killing"
    During this time there was great conflict between the Indians and the Muslims, which left bodies lying in the streets just outside of St. Mary's. Fortunatly, the school was safe. However the sisters were still warned to stay out of the streets.
  • Archbishop P'erier

    Archbishop P'erier
    Archbishop P'erier is first introduced to Mother Teresa when she writes to him begging for a chance to leave Loreto and form the Society. When he finally agrees, he becomes a close friend and comforter in the darkness ahead. Archbishop P'erier exchanged many letters with Mother Teresa. The archbishop died ay 93 years old.
  • Period: to

    Living In The Slums

    It was not easy to live in poverty, or to find light in the slums of India. Mother Teresa and the sisters walked long distances, their food was poor, and at times they had to beg for it. They also recived threats from people who did not want preachers on the streets. Mother Teresa often said she was thankful no one had been shot.
  • Father Picachy

    Father Picachy
    Father Picachy was Mother Teresa's confessor. He origionally forwarded her letters to Archbishop P'erier, until Mother Teresa is able to send them to His Grace herself. Not only does Father Picachy help form the society, he listens to her doubts and helps and guides her, comforting, reducing her, "aloneness". Eventually, however, Father is needed elsewhere and is unable to exchange letters with Mother Teresa. She describes this as "God's will," and that he has, "cut off one more human help."
  • Period: to

    The Dark Night

    Mother Teresa faced great doubt and suffering. Often, working in the slums, she wondered how God could possibly exist. She felt abandoned by God and Jesus. She prayed, "God, how painful is this unknown pain," and said, "I now know a little the tourtures of Hell," but she vowed to, "Continue if it pleased God." Mother Teresa often felt separated from God in her later life.
  • The Death Of The Saint Of Calcutta

    The Death Of The Saint Of Calcutta
    On September 5th, 1997, after 8:00 pm, Mother Teresa complained of severe back pain. The sisters secured a breathing machine and two power lines in case of an emergency. Unfortunatley, that night the power in both lines went out, making it impossible to turn on the machine. At 9:30 pm Gonxha Agnes Bojaxhiu left to live with Jesus. (After her death, the process to become a saint began immediatly.)