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  • Debut

    His first song Lollipop was created to promote the mobile phone LG Cyon.
  • Launch of the first single

    Launch of the first single
    FIRE the single was released on May 6, 2009 with two versions of the music video released on the same day
  • second single I Do not Care

    second single I Do not Care
    I Do not Care, showing a more feminine and soft side group. A reggae version of the song was performed on Inkigayo, gaining such popularity that was released on September 3 as his next single digital.
  • Third single Follow me

    Third single Follow me
    Without warning, the single was released digitally Follow me and was later used to promote your Samsung Corby mobile phone. During the summer of 2010, 2NE1 traveled to Los Angeles and London to record English songs for a possible American debut, produced by will.i.am, a member of The Black Eyed Peas. The group recorded 10 songs. The CEO of YG Entertainment stated that the group were scheduled to debut in 2011, when the world tour of The Black Eyed Peas has been completed and their own activiti
  • fourth single It Hurts

    fourth single It Hurts
    It was later revealed that it would be It Hurts, a single that is distinguished from the rest of the album portener a unique sound. The video, which was directed by Kim Hye Jung (director of simple Butterfly G-Dragon), has a gothic concept which takes the theme of Halloween.
  • Don't Stop The Music

    Don't Stop The Music
    On November 26, 2NE1 released the single Do not Stop The Music, as part of an advertising campaign in Thailand Yamaha for their new Fiore scooter model.
  • fifth single

    fifth single
    On February 22, Avex announced that Go Away (their debut single in Japan) would be released on March 9, 2011. Later it was used as the theme song of the Japanese TV program Mezamashi.
  • sixth single I Am The Best

    sixth single  I Am The Best
    The May 11, 2011 the single was released, receiving very good response from the critics and fanes, reaching the top of sales. Since June 19, YG Entertainment started up teasers daily new single I Am The Best, on the official 2NE1 on Facebook, for countdown to launch on June 24. When the set date, but was released as planned, YG Entertainment released a statement via Facebook saying that the video would be delayed two or three days due to the hard work that resulted in this edition.
  • New single I love you

    New single I love you
    Her new single I Love You, later the music video premiered on 7 July 2012.'s Simple ranged from a few days ranked. # 1 electronic music iTunes Spain. Weeks after Launch English single Take On The World, with American artist Will.i.am. The Scream single, was released in late March 2012, the full music video was released in music company Avex Group Japan
  • double single

    double single
    On August 7, the M / V official second single was released on her official YouTube account. Although it was initially announced that the group would launch at least four new songs in total, from July to October 2013, only two songs ("Falling in Love" and "Do You Love Me?") Had been released to end of October.
  • "missing you"

    "missing you"
    In a press conference held on November 18, Double Park a conference in the new world tour 2014 the group was revealed and he also revealed the title of their new single which is called "Missing You" prepared for release on November 21, 2013. November 20 the official video of the group has posted on her today with a total of 1,500,000 visitors by the time the video shows the leader CL naked in a scene which is the highlight of the video and also Dara with an extravagant black hat.
  • New single "come Back Home"

    New single "come Back Home"
    The new single Come Back Home is the first single from the album scheduled for release on February 28. "Come Back Home", the first single that leads and lists Daum, Olleh, Cyworld, etc. Hope To Live, Good Girl other tracks will go on sale in physical form on March 7.