• Juvenilia

    Austen began to write poems, stories, and plays for her own and her family's amusement.
    Juvenilia includes:
    Love and Friendship
    The Three Sisters
    Frederic and Elfreda
    Jack and Alice
    Henry and Eliza
    Parts of Lesley Castle
  • Lady Susan

    Is a short epistolary novel, usually described as her most ambitious and sophisticated early work.
  • Pride and Prejudice

    Pride and Prejudice was first written in the late 1700's, then rewritten in 1811-1812 and finally published in early 1813. It is probably the most-read of all of Jane Austen's novels and is a popular favorite among many.
  • Mansfield Park

    Mansfield Park was written between February, 1811 and the summer of 1813. It was the third novel Jane Austen had published and it first appeared on May 4, 1814.
  • Lovers' Vows

    Lovers' Vows is the play that the Bertrams wish to enact in the first volume of Mansfield Park. In addition to the text of the play, a synopsis is provided here, as well as a short analysis explaining some of the objections to the play within the novel, and a cast list.
  • Love and Freindship AND The History of England

    She mocked popular novels of sensibility.
    The History of England is a manuscript of 34 pages accompanied by 13 watercolour miniatures by her sister Cassandra.
  • Emma

    Emma deals with a young woman's maturation into adulthood and the trouble she gets herself into along the way. This version of the text is slightly annotated and is hou
  • Persuasion

    Persuasion was written in 1815-1816, while Jane Austen was suffering from her fatal illness. She was still working on some revisions at the time of her death in 1817. The novel was published posthumously by her brother, Henry Austen.
    Persuasion is a novel of second chances, expectations of society, and the constancy of love. This version of the text is housed here at