Alexander Graham Bell (Shaeel)

By grade5c
  • Alexander Graham Bell was born

    Alexander Graham Bell was born
    Alexander was born into a vibrant energy-filled enviorment in 3rd March 1847
  • Alexander invented a machine to clean

    Alexanders friends dad told Alexander to invent something. Alexander invented a machine to clean by whaet kernels
  • Alexander Graham Bell Studied

    Alexander Graham Bell studied a year with his grandfather
  • Alexander Graham Bell moved to another country

    The Bells sailed to Canada and bought a home in southern Ontario
  • The telegraphs were clear

  • Alexander tried tovimrove the phonautograph

    He tried to improve the phonautograph
  • Alexander experimented with the ear phonautograph

    Alexander experimented the ear phonautograph. He attached a stalk of hay to a bonenin a humane ear and spoke into the ear
  • Thomas Watson became Alexanders assitint

    Thomas Watson was an Electrician
  • Alexander and Watson were Tunning the reeds

  • Alexander was married

    Alexander was married
    Alexander Graham Bell was married to Mabel Hubbard
  • Alexander had a daughter

    Alexander had a daughter
    Mabel gave birth of a daughter
  • Alexander was awarded the Volta Prize

    In 1880 France Awarded Alexander the Volta Prize
  • Alexander Made a school

    Alexander Made a school
    Alexander made a school of deaf andhearing children together
  • Alexander dies

    Alexander dies
    alexandeer Graham Bell Died at Beinn Bhreaghof complications