• Ku Klux Klan

    Ku Klux Klan
    The KKK would scare people by burning crosses. If the people did not react to them the Ku Klux Klan would kill them. They mostly dispised African Americans. The KKK was started in May 1866, it started in Pulaski, Tenneesee.
  • KKK

    Another thing the KKK did to scare people was threaten them. They mostly went after blacks and wanted to scare them. They would wear hats to cover their faces, and long white robes.
  • Model T

    Model T
    Model T was the first automobile in the U.S. that people could afford.
  • Assembly Line

    Assembly Line
    Henry Ford created the assembly line that allowed him to make the Model T faster, and since he could make more it dropped the price for everyone.
  • First Red Scare

    First Red Scare
    The first Red Scare atarted in 1917 and ended in 1920. People feared anarchism which is a political philosophy.
  • First Red Scare ended

    First Red Scare ended
    The Red Scare ended.
  • Prohibition Starts

    Prohibition Starts
    Prohibition of alcohol.
  • Jazz

    Many blacks liked to play jazz, and eventually everyone loved the art of it.
  • Leaving rural areas to go to the city

    Leaving rural areas to go to the city
    During 1920 many people moved their lives from the farms to the city where more jobs were offered.
  • Negro Movement

    Negro Movement
    African American music, literature, dance, and art all grew in Harlem, New York.
  • Palmer Raids

    Palmer Raids
    This was a series of raids in the early 1920s where A. Mitchell Palmer and anarchists set off bombs across America.
  • Women have working rights

    Women have working rights
    In 1920 women were finally allowd to make their on money and work for a living.
  • National Negro Baseball Team

    National Negro Baseball Team
    The National Negro Baseball Leauge was organized Febuary 20, 1920. This allowed blacks to have their own team.
  • Womens Suffrage

    Womens Suffrage
    The ninteenth amendment was ratified and allowed women the right to vote.
  • Wall Street Bombing

    After Nicolas Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were murdered forty people in New York City were killed from flying debris, the debris was from a horse-drawn cart that was filled with explosives,
  • Radio

    Jazz got around the U.S. by the way of radio.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    The US banned the Chinese from America unless they could prove that they had family in the US or was a citizen.
  • Immigration Act of 1924

    This limited the number of immigrants that could enter the United States.