Events in e-Learning within NZ

By mrgedda
  • Consultative Report on Computers in Schools

    The report was meant to set education on fire! It recommended that schools use one of 5 types of computers. Many critised the government for beig swayed in their choice by commercial interests
  • The Computer Courseware Development Unit

    The unit established by the Government provided schools with information on educational computing and where it was heading.
  • Computers in Education Development

    Unit set up by the Department of Education to provide training and direction for educational computing. Similar to the CCDU in 1982
  • Potential Educational Benefits of ECT in NZ

    The Governent releases a report on the Potential Benefits of Electronic Communications Technologies in New Zealand. The report considered what was happening with Email and recommended future developments .Stated that the Department of Education had an obligation to recognise the need for new technologies. The report highlighted the need for teacher training and PD.
  • Starnet

    CDU group set up to oversee email development in schools through the use of Starnet operated by the New Zealand Post Office.
  • Email Success

    CEDU Newsletter reports on the success of a number of email projects to stimulate childrens writing
  • CEDU support

    CEDU goes out of exisitence as support needed for schools was far greater than what they could handle. Project became decentralised, support became even more difficult
  • Sallis report

    Ministry of Education publishes the Sallis report. Was notable for highlighting and promoting teacher PD
  • Bulletin Boards 90s

    Some classes still using Email through startnet but Bulletin Boards such as K12 Net and Fidonet gain popularity. Allows schools access to information that is generally paper based
  • Technology in the NZ Curriculum

    Draft copy of Technology in the NZ Curriculum released by the Ministry of Education. ICT became part of teachers vocab and it became increasingly linked with eLearning.

    Online forums developed to open up online classrooms . 6 schools take part to share knowledge and information.
  • ICT in the NZ Curriculum

    Final version of Technology in the NZ curriculum released
  • ICT in the NZ Curriculum

    Technology in the NZ Curriculum becomes mandatory for all Year 1-10 schools.