History Timeline (1763-74)

  • Treaty of Paris Ends Seven Years' War

    The Treaty of Paris was a agreement between England and France in the year 1763. England gain the Canadian teriritories, all of Frances' land east of the Mississippi, This ended the seven years' war.
  • Currency act

    This was a act created by Great Britian in which it made it illegal for the N. American colonies to use paper money. They were to use the British pound only.
  • Sugar act

    A act created by Great Britain was created to bring revenue into the English economy because the seven years' war cause Great Britain millions. It decreased the tax put on sugar, but the texes were more regulated and controlled.
  • Stamp act

    The Stamp act was created to bring extra income to Great Britain after the seven years' war. Great Britain made a law which stated any export needed to be taxed and stamped by Great Britain.
  • Stamp act Congress in New York

    Colonial leaders met in New York to come to a agreement with parlament to fix the stamp act in a way that both sides would be happy.
  • Stamp act riots

    Roits broke out because of the stamp act. The colonies disliked the tax because it inflated prices on important trading goods.
  • Declaritoy Act

    The Declarity act was created to repeal the Stamp act. It also stated that Great Britains' Parlament had the power to tax America just like it has the power to tax Britain.
  • Stamp act repealed

    The stamp act was repealed because the colonialists did not like it at all. At times, it caused riots, skirmishes and deaths.
  • Townshend act

    The Townshend act was created so the colonies would have to buy specific goods, such as tea, only from the Great Britian. That greatly inflated the prices which led to boycotts and riots.
  • British Troops in Boston

    Because of recent activity by the Brothers of Liberty, Great Britain sent more that one thousand troops to Boston to keep order and British controll.
  • Townshend act replealed

    Because of the Townshend act, many citizens and merchents decided to boycott all taxed imports greated by the British. This led to the British realing the Townshend act.
  • Boston Massacre

    The Bostone Massacre was where five civilians were killed by the British military is Boston.
  • North Carolina Regulators defeated

    The North Caroina Regulators were defeated in the battle of Alamance. the Regulators were farmers who wished to rebell from the controlling British controll. They fail and several were hung for treason.
  • The Gaspee Incident

    The Gaspee Incident occured when a British ship came the America to regulation trading laws. They ran aground and once that happend, the locals attacked the ship and took anything of value. It was a great offence to the British government.
  • Intolerable Acts

    The Intolerable Acts were created because the British were outraged about what happend at the Boston Tea Party. They wished to creat such strick laws, that nothing of that sort what ever happen again. They British took the Boston Tea Party as a direct attack.
  • Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea party was when the Broters of Liberty organised a "attack" on a British naval ship to distroy what tea they had on board. This was in order to baycott the tea tax that the British had put in place.
  • First Continental Congress meets in Philadalphia

    The First continental congress was a organised group of self apounted representatives to the colonies. They protested the Intolerable acts to the British.
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    The battle of Lexington and Concord are important in the U.S.'s history because they were the first scurmishes between the Patriots and the Loyalists.
  • Articles of Confederation

    The Articles of Confederation were created by the colonies so they could become seperate from Great Britiain and become their own seperate government. They would split up each colony and let them produce their own government (states) united by one large covernment (America)
  • Independence!

    The Continental congress accepted the Declaration of Independence (after minor changes). America became independent from Great Britain!