History Timeline

By kbecker
  • Debt

    Britain’s nation debt went from 75 million 145 million
  • Treaty of Paris

    This Treaty ended the Seven Years war. It is sometimes called the Peace of Paris. It was signed by Great britain, France, SPain and Portugal. It was also the begining of Britain dominating Europe.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Was a line drawn by King George III. Split Appliation Mountains. And everythine to the west would be french and everything to the right would be the colonists. This line was made because colonists were encroaching in French Territory
  • Sugar Acts

    Is sometimes known as a American Revenue Act- it raised revenue and gave the British more money. There was a tax on every galllon of Molasses. Had never been effectifly collected
  • Currency Acts

    Issued by Britain stopped the colonists from using their own currency. They told them that they were all one country so they couldnt have two different currecies and the colonists were printing their own money and the British told them they couldnt do that.
  • Stamp Acts

    The colonists had to have a stamp on everything. Paper, legal documents even dice. It was a direct tax on the colonists and it was different because they faced it every day. and it was an actual physical stamp. Many people tried to reproduce this stamp and fake around it
  • Declaratory Acts

    It was passed by the British to try to control the colonists and their behavior. They basically said that they have the right to make laws and even tax in all cases
  • Stamp Acts Repealed

    The Stamp Acts were repealed- that was when Britain made everything from paper to legal documents and such needed to have a tax. It was a direct tax- different from before.
  • Sugar Acts Repealed

    The Sugar Acts repealed. The British were taxing the colonists for eery gallon of imported molasses.
  • Townshed duties

    A lot of acts by Parlimen. Named for Charles Townshed who came up with the idea.
    Revenue Act
    Indemnity Act
    Commissioners of Customs Act
    Vice Admirality Court Act
    New York Restraining Act
    purpose was to raise revenue in the colonies that way the colonist could pay the salaries of the govorners and judges
  • British troops occupy Boston

    Date is not exact- just general area like during this year. They come to inforce the Townshed duties. Before it wasnt inforced and now they are.
  • Nonimportation Agreements

    Commercial restricions by the colonists to boycott Britains revenue policies. Before the revolution The Stamp Act of 1765 triggered this event
  • Boston Massacre

    5 civilian deather British killed them. Legalality of the situation was what was the hype was about. Cilivians threw rocks at troops and them the Troops shot back and killed 5. Not really a Massacre but the propaganda of it made it seem like it
  • Townshed Duties Repealed

    (Not on tea) British take away the townshed acts on everything but tea. They say "your wrong but we will take it away" to the colonists. A little bit satifiying for the colonists but not much
  • North Carolina regulators defeated

    Not exact date- just general year Farmers wanted to reform the taxes and fees- they were unsucessful and others were non responsive
  • Tea Act

    Colonists could only by East India Company tea- British tried to get the colonists to stop trading with French. Upset colonist because they had to pay more and get taxed. They didnt understand why they were being told where to buy to tea.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Colonists threw tea into the Harbor because they refused to accept the tax. It was against the Tea acts. The colonists felt they should not be taxed by people who didnt even represent them.
  • Intolerable Acts

    Series of many laws that made colonists mad- basically the British told the colonists their behavior was intolerable and nor proper or justified. Many colonists though of this as a taking away of their natural rights
  • First Continental Congress

    They meet in Philidalphia. Only 12 of the 13 colonies had delagates there. It was called because of the Coercive Acts. There were 56 members appointed. Georgia did not. Talked about the boycott of British trade
  • Second Continental Congress

    delegates from the 13 colonies met in Philadelphia after the war had begun. This is where they adapted the Declaration of Independence. This was the 2nd one of these meetings. They acted as almost like the government. But had little power
  • Olive Branch Petition

    The Continental Congress wanted to avoid a big war with england so they basically asked for peace. It was the last chance at peace
  • King Regect Peace

    King then reads Olive Branch Petition and regects it which leads to a full-blown war. He denied the peace the colonist suggested and as a result the colonists declared rebellion
  • Thomas Paine's Common Sense

    Book published in 1776. using vernacular it inspired every person that they had power against the British. It challenged Britsh Authoirty and the system of the royal monarchy. He wrot ein plain language and most everyone was able to read it
  • Boston Evacuated

    Known as Evacuation Day in Mass. It was the evacuation of British troops from boston. This was after teh Siege of Boston. Even today many schools and government offices close down.
  • Declaration Of Independence

    Tohmas Jefferson wrote it. He wrote it and finished it but Continental Congress put it off for a while and then even when they read it it took them a while to make fixes to it. It basically declared that the colonists were spliting from Britain and gave a list of reasons and things the king had dont wrong.