Electronic/Electroacoustic Opera

By tmnash4
  • Orphee 53 - Pierre Schaefer and Pierre Henri

    Orphee 53 - Pierre Schaefer and Pierre Henri
    The electroacoustic opera Orphee 53, written by Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henri, was premiered at the Donneschaugen Music Festival in the Summer of 1953. 20 minute version
  • The Diary of a Madman - Humphrey Searle

    Opera with tape used for sound effects. 12-tone idiom. 2:48
  • Aniara - Karl-Birger Blomdahl

    Opera by Karl-Birger Blomdahl that includes a tape track, which represents the role of a computer in the opera full video
  • Don Perlimplin - Bruno Maderna

    An opera written for radio, recorded on tape in 1962. Includes tape processes of overlapping voices/instruments full audio
  • In Memorium... Kit Carson by Robert Ashley

    This is not necessarily an electronic opera... but is often performed as one! The opera has a graphic score of "moments," very open to interpretation. info
  • Die Soldaten - Bernd Alois Zimmermann

    Multimedia opera including video, multiple stage platforms, electronic music etc.
    full audio
  • The Photo of the Colonel - Humphrey Searle

    Wrote the libretto himself. " The orchestral accompaniment is entirely subservient to, and independent of; the voices, and consists for the most part of colourful sound-effects, supplemented by the occasional use of pre-recorded sounds, such as breaking glass, traffic noises, water splashing, and so on." more info
  • Zwischenfälle bei einer Notlandung - Boris Blacher

    Libretto by Heinz von Cramer Orchestra and Tape
    "entire scenes were designed only for music from speakers"
  • Loving (Toi) - R. Murray Schafer

    4 female voices, 2 actors, harp, guitar (+ electric guitar, banjo), mandolin, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, piano (+ harpsichord, celesta), accordion, 6 percussion, fixed media
    Uses a voice (the Poet) recorded on tape
  • Louis Riel - Harry Somers

    "Somers complemented the linguistic diversity of the libretto by embracing a range of musical styles that placed diatonic melodies, popular song, and lyricism in juxtaposition and superimposition with abstract atonal writing, Sprechstimme, and electronically generated sounds." Electronics happen between scenes excerpt from tv version
  • That Morning Thing - Robert Ashley

    singers, speaker, synth, recorded sounds full video
  • Help, Help, the Globolinks! - Gian Carlo Menotti

    This opera uses electronic sounds to represent the Globolinks.
    Full video
  • Elephant Steps - Stanley Silverman/Pril Smiley

    "A Multi-Media Pop-Opera Extravaganza with Pop Singers, Opera Singers, Orchestra, Rock Band, Electronic Tape, Raga Group, Tape Recorder, G**** Ensemble, and Elephants"
    Electronic music realized by Pril Smiley
  • Reconstructie - Louis Andriessen, Reinbert de Leeuw, Misha Mengelberg, Peter Schat and Jan van Vlijmen.

    "Morality" or protest work with amplification and live electronics, mostly distortion, of voice and instruments.
    more info
  • Combat Zone - Richard Arnell

    Narrator, two electronic tracks. Video. Baritone, choir
    Words: Louis Coxe,
    Electronics: Herbert Deutsch,
    Visuals: Howard Breqstein
    Music: Richard Arnell
    more info
  • The Rose Garden - Anne Boyd

    Text by Robin Hamilton.
    Soprano, SATB choir, 3 flutes, 2 guitars, 6 percussion, jazz ensemble (alto flute, electric guitar, piano, drums), pre-recorded tape.
    First performance: May 72. University of York
    Article by the composer
    More info
  • Massada - Joseph Tal

    Opera for "soloists, choir, and electronic music" - tape opera.
    full recording
    full score via Tal's website
  • Myshkin - John Eaton

    TV opera with orchestra, electronic instruments, microtones interview with Eaton
  • Voices in Limbo : a radiophonic opera - Larry Sitsky

    Libretto: Gwen Harwood
    Instrumentation: Soprano, altos, tenor, baritones, speaking voices, mixed choir, electric guitar, bass guitar, flute, piccolo, violin, keyboards, percussion, VCS3 synthesizer, eventide phaser, high flier, ring modulator, computer, multitrack recording, tape echo.
    More info
  • Period: to

    Stockhausen's Licht

    Stockhausen's monumental electronic/multimedia opera cycle was composed between 1977 and 2003. The cycle includes operas for every day of the week. Exerpts
  • The Little Mermaid - Anne Boyd

    3 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, 4 contraltos, baritone, bass, non-singing female role, SATB choir, mime chorus, 7 wind instruments, timpani, percussion, piano, strings, electronic tape. Text by Robin Lee after the story by Hans Christian Andersen More Info
  • Lament of Kamuela - John Appleton

    Libretto by composer choir (SATB), tape, Hawaiian folk singer, Japanese Classical singer, rock group with film and video. review
  • Master of the Astral Plane - Stuart Diamond

  • Period: to

    Atalanta (Acts of God) - Robert Ashley

    This opera has electronic instruments and prerecorded elements.
    (full audio) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH_Zu2Hs758]
  • The Mask of Eleanor - Beverly Grigsby

    Singers and computer generated score review
  • Prometeo - Luigi Nono

    "tragedy of listening" which used a complex setup for live electronic processing. [full video] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joteZTLpHdE&ab_channel=newmusicostrava} paper on space in prometeo
  • The Death of Don Juan - Elodie Lauten

    "The first two tracks sound like Joe Jones meets Glass or Steve Reich, with harpsichords, trine (an electric lyre that Lauten invented) and Arthur Russell’s cello."
    cd review
  • Period: to

    Now Eleanor's Idea - Robert Ashley

  • Shaman - Alice Shields

    Alice Shields opera in 1 act for 4 singers, chorus, 4 instruments & fixed audio media.
  • Countdown - Christopher Yavelow

    Christopher Yavelow. "First computer-assisted opera" ...
    Info and excerpt
  • Valis - Tod Machover

    Tod Machover's first electronic opera
    "A spectacle with live performers, computer music, and multi-screen video projections"
    Uses two "Hyperinstruments" keyboard and percussion
    Full audio
  • Mass for the Dead - Alice Shields

    Alice Shields opera in 1 act for 4 singers, chorus, 4 instruments & fixed audio media
  • The E & O Line - Anne LeBaron

    Anne LeBaron is from Baton Rouge
    for four principals, three-part female chorus, twelve-part mixed chorus, eight instruments, tape
    elements of blues, jazz, pop, rock, and folk
  • Léone - Phillip Meon

    Libretto by Phillipe Minyana.
    six singers and tape.
    info and audio
  • Apocalypse - Alice Shields

    Alice Shields opera in 2 acts for 3 singers, chorus, dancers, electric guitar, electronic keyboard & fixed audio media
    Full audio
  • Coal - Judith Shatin

    scored for chorus, Appalachian band (2 singers, fiddle, guitar, hammer dulcimer, banjo) keyboard and electronic playback Video about making the work
    More info
    Review with comment on electronics
  • Powers of Two - Barry Truax

    Barry Truax electroacoustic opera for six singers, two dancers, video tape and eight digital soundtracks. Gay themes!
  • The Automobile Graveyard - Robert Ceely

    " six singers, small chamber orchestra, jazz ensemble and electronic tape." audio
  • Failing Kansas - Mikel Rouse

    Opera for single speaker, tape, and video. "Downtown Opera" full performance
  • Brain Opera - Tod Machover

    Tod Machover's interactive opera experience with electronic instruments
  • Dennis Cleveland - Mikel Rouse

    Rock/pop opera in the form of a talk show. Jingles, phasing, etc. review
    full performance
  • 60e parallèle - Philippe Manoury

    9 singers, large orchestra and electronics.
  • The Voluptuous Tango - Dominic Muldowney

    Opera Bouffe in 11 scenes for 2 singers, male chorus and pre-recorded sound
  • Balseros - Robert Ashley

  • Custer and Sitting Bull - Kyle Gann

    Kyle Gann wrote this work for solo performer, midi instruments, and keyboard. The midi instruments are tuned in Just Intonation. The opera is a highly portable "pocket opera" Full audio
  • L'Amour de loin - Kaija Saariaho

    Libretto by Amin Maalouf.
    Largescale work for orchestra and electronics.
    "The electronics for this opera can be run with a Max patch that plays the pre-recorded sound files, which should be diffused on two quadraphonic spaces: one vertical space around the front of the stage, and one horizontal space around the audience."
    more info
  • K... Philippe Manoury

    Orchestra and tape.
    "the sounds in the pit are combined with pre-recorded material (realised using the technology at IRCAM), projected through 16 loudspeakers arrayed around the auditorium"
    more info
  • Cinderella's Bad Magic - Kyle Gann

    microtonal chamber opera for six singers, three synthesizers, flute, and fretless bass
    more info
  • La frontière - Phillipe Manoury

    Libretto: Daniela Langer
    chamber opera for 6 singers, 9 instruments and electronics
    more info
  • She lost her voice and that's how we knew - Frances White

    "The music is composed very specifically from Kristin [Norderval]. Much of the electronic material is derived from recordings of her singing and speaking, and I used various computer tools to analyze her voice so that the vocal writing follows her sonic "fingerprint". "
  • Adrana Mater - Kaija Saariaho

    Libretto by Amin Maalouf
    Loud speakers project the chorus around the room.
    more info
  • Alternate Visions - John Oliver

    John Oliver's "augmented opera", about technology taking over.
  • Made out of Concrete - Robert Ashley

    "orchestra" tape track
    full video
  • Sucktion - Anne LeBaron

    libretto by Douglas Kearney mezzo-soprano, percussion (vibes, drum set, small instruments and toy piano), fixed audio, live processing Score excerpt
  • Crescent City - Anne LeBaron

    8 singers: lyric coloratura soprano, lyric soprano, dramatic mezzo, contralto, dramatic tenor, lyric tenor, tenor, bass-baritone
    2 male actors; 8 actors/dancers (optional)
    chamber orchestra, fixed audio Info and excerpt