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Julie of the Wolves Part 1 Stephens

  • Miyax runs away.

    Miyax runs away.
    Miyax, a thirteen year old girl, runs away from her husband Daniel. She is on her way to Point Hope where she will aboard a boat and go visit her pen-pal Amy in San Francisco, California.
  • Miyax is lost.

    Miyax is lost.
    Miyax is lost in the North Slope of Alaska in the tundra. There is no roads , no one, but a pack of wolves. She is cold , scared, and starving. She is depending on the wolves for survival.
  • Miyax is trying to communicate.

    Miyax is trying to communicate.
    Miyax is trying to learn the wolves language, to learn how to communicate with them, and earn their friendship. The wolf kill is her only source of food. She needs to be accepeted by the pack leader, Amaroq, because if he likes her the pack likes her. When she accpeted, they will share their kill with her.
  • Miyax was brave.

    Miyax was brave.
    Miyax gathers up her bravery and crawls toward Amaroq. When she reaches ,him she nuzzles him as she had seen the other wolves in the pack do before. Amazingly, Amaroq accpets her even though she is human.
  • Miyax earns food.

    Miyax earns food.
    Finally, after many days Miyax has food. One of the wolves of the pack threw up the digested food. She picked up the chunks of caribou meat. Miyax collected water in her pot and cooked the meat and ate it. She saved some of it for later
  • Miyax finds food.

    Miyax finds food.
    Miyax found owlets and cooked them for food. Before cooking them she cut them open and ate the candy of her people, the viscera.
  • Miyax finds her way.

    Miyax finds her way.
    Miyax heard a plane circling above her ,but it was too foggy outside for the plane to see her. Luckily, Miyax saw the direction the plane was going and decided where she thought North, South, East, and West were. Then she knew which way Point Hope was.
  • They're gone.

    They're gone.
    Miyax woke up one cold morning and called out to the wolves but there was no answer . She looked out to see that the wolves were gone.They had already left without her.