History of Fermentation

  • 200

    Early Medicine uses.

    The chinese used fermented soybean curd fo treat skin ifections
  • Theodors Schawn

    Around 1840, Shaw concluded that fermentation is the result of living things.
  • Louis Pasteur

    Louis Pasteur determined that fermetation is caused by yeast.
  • Eduard Buchner

    Eduard Buchner won the Nobel prize for showing enzymes cause fermentation not the yeast cells themselves.
  • Arthur Harden and Hans Euler-Chelpin

    They determined exzctly how enzymes cause fermetation and they won the Nobel prize for their work.
  • Medicine uses.

    By the 1940s, technology was eveloed touse fermentation to produced antibiotics
  • Fermetations first uses.

    Fermentation was first used to make bread rise and produce alcoholic beverages.