History of Fermentation

  • Theodor Schwann

  • Louis Pasteur

    French chemist Louis Pasteur dtermined that fermentation is caused by yeast. His idea was influenced by the earlier work of Theodor Schwann.
  • Eduard Buchner

    The German chemist Eduard Buchner recieved the Nobel prize for proving that enzymes in yeast cells caused fermentation not the yeast cell itself.
  • Arthur Harden and Hans Euler-Chelpin

    They won the Nobel prize for determining exactly how enzymes caused fermentation.
  • Antibiodics

    By the 1940's technology was developed to use fermentation to create antibiodics.
  • Early Uses of Fermentation

    In 220 B.C. uses of fermentation encluded fermented tea, help dough in bread to rise, and used in alcoholic beverages.