History Of Education - Jagdeep Singh Lally

  • Education Act 1944

    Education Act 1944
    This act established 3 stages of education called the Tripartite system - Primary, Secondary and Further education. This made impact on me as I attended the 3 forms of education, Children were assessed in the 11+ exam as to which type of school suited them best. Academic students went to grammars, technically minded children to technical schools, and the rest to secondary. All pupils had free and compulsary education to the age of 15 and free education to 18 was provided to all who wanted it.
  • The Crowther Report 1959

    The Crowther Report 1959 looked at education of 15-19 year olds. It also stated that school leaving age should be rasied to 16. As well as this stated that vocational education and other training should be provided for pupils. The Crowther Report made a impact as my education as i studied GNVQ I.T in year 10-11.
  • Introduction of CSE 1962

    1962 saw the introduction of Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE).
  • The Plowden Report 1967

    Children and their primary school embraced a philosophy of pedagogy. It stated that every child is and 'individual' and develops at his/her own rate.
  • Leaving age raised to 16

    Leaving age raised to 16
    School leaving age was raised from 15 to 16.
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1975

    Sex Discrimination Act 1975
    Act was passed to protect men and women on the grounds of sex.
  • Race Relations Act 1976

    Race Relations Act 1976
    Act was passed to prevent discriminations on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic and national origin.
  • Margaret Thatcher

    Margaret Thatcher
    Margaret Thatcher became prime minister of England.
  • National Council for Vocational Qualification

    National Council for Vocational Qualification
    Conservative government introduced national vocational qualifications (NVQ) in schools and colleges. These qualifications are work based and reflect the skills and knowledge needed to do a job effectively. NVQ's made a impact on my education as I studied GNVQ in I.T, which inspired me to progress in a career within I.T.
  • I was born :)

    I was born :)
    I was born at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton.
  • Education Reform Act 1988

    Education Reform Act 1988
    National curriculam was introduced, in which English, Maths and Science were stated as core subjects. National tests (SATS) were also introduced at 5, 7 and 11 in core subjects. These tests were done a the end of each key stage which were used as a attempt to improve education outcomes for all. League tables were also introduced.
  • Ofsted -1992

    Ofsted -1992
    Establishment of OFSTED to monitor and report on quality in schools. This made impact as schools hd to make sure quality of education was high.
  • Brickkiln Primary School

    I started Brickkiln Primary School in 1992 which was located in Wolverhampton. Brickkilm Primary School had Infant and Juniors section. This school was about 10 minutes walking distance from my house, I still remember walking through a park to get to my school.
  • Smestow Comprehensive School

    Smestow Comprehensive School
    Smestow School was founded in 1964 under the Staffordshire County Council, which has recently been awarded Specialist Sports College status. I started Smestow School in 1997 til 2004. I did my GCSE's up till 2002 in which i gained 9 A-C's. This is where I studied GNVQ in I.T, which inspired me to progress in a career within I.T. I then went onto 6th form in which I studied A level Punjabi and A level I.T (my I.T was done through Wulfrun College).
  • Started GNVQ I.T

    Started GNVQ I.T
    Here i started GNVQ I.T at GCSE level. This gave me option to achieve up to equivalent of 4 GCSE's.
  • Completed my GCSE's

    Completed my GCSE's
    I completed my GCSE's at Smestow School. Here i gained 9 GCSE'S A - C (including Maths and English).
  • Completed A levels

    Completed my A levels in which i gained -
    B - Punjabi
    C - I.T
  • The Children Act 2004 - ECM

    The Children Act  2004 - ECM
    Every Child Matter was passed in 2004 aimed for all children, what ever their background and give them the support to:
    • Be healthy
    • Stay safe
    • Enjoy and achieve
    • Make a positive contribution
    • Achieve econimic well-being
  • University Of Wolverhampton

    University Of Wolverhampton
    After completing my A levels at school I went onto university to study Computer Science Bsc(Hons), in which i gained a 2.1. This university is situated 10 minutes away from my house, which meant I actually got to lessons on time.
  • Started PGCE ICT

    Started PGCE ICT
    I started my PGCE ICT at Wolverhampton University (walsall campus). Here i will learn ways, in which i will become a effective teacher through using various teaching techniques and other methods.