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1960 The beginning

  • J.F.K nominated

    J.F.K nominated
    J.F.K announced his candidacy for the president of the united states.
  • age of the solar system!

    age of the solar system!
    John Reynolds set the age of the solar system
  • France atom bomb

    France atom bomb
    France experimented with the first atom bomb in the sahara desert.
  • Martin luther king Jr

    Martin luther king Jr
    He was arrested in allabamba, doing a bussed boycott
  • Under water missile

    Under water missile
    First ever under water launching missile named polaris.
  • Hotels and theatres open

    Hotels and theatres open
    The first ever hotel and theatres have been opended on anzac day.
  • John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy
    John F. Kennedy won the primary in West Virginia, he opened relations with austrlaia
  • Hobart: The last tram runs.

    Hobart: The last tram runs.
    a runaway tram crashed into another tram. Several vehicles, including a bus, were hit by the trams. A conductor was killed and more than 40 people were treated for injuries in the Royal Hobart Hospital. This began the ira of trains and busses being the main source of public transport
  • Billiards champion

    Billiards champion
    In surfers paridice the billiards champion Walter Lindrum dies at 61
  • warragamba dam

    warragamba dam
    Warragamba dam was opened, witch will grow to be the main source of our water in the next years to come!
  • Comercasl jet planes

    Comercasl jet planes
    The first ever comercial jet plane took flight and began the ira of jet transport.
  • john.f.kennedy

    J.F.K was elected president, as the youngest president to have ever lived.
  • Cricket test

    Cricket test
    Brisbane: First tied cricket test Australia v West indies at The Gabba