By greciah
  • William Bradford: His way of Prosperity

    William Bradford: His way of Prosperity
    Would the Plymouth Colony better have prosper if William was formally trained and educated, instead of being taught the practical art of farming?
    The colony would not have been better of, for his knowing the practical art of farming increased both his physical and mental strengths. He had to work hard on the fields and know how to correctly manage it, which gave him hands on experience. When he met the colony situation he already had some experience in dealing with difficult situations.
  • Mary Rowlandson's LIfe

    Mary Rowlandson's LIfe
    Would it have been better for Mary to end her and her children's life when they were captured, instead of living on? Although Mary suffered during her time of captivity, it would still have been better for her to live on. It is true that she was separated from her children, but it is also true that she learned new information about the natives. If she had ended her life, she would never have had the opportunity to better understand them and to return back to her own people.
  • Mary's Rowlandson's Life:part 2

    Mary's Rowlandson's Life:part 2
    In the end, the only person who can truly respond to that question would be Mary herself. She was the one that experience such a life, and only she can say if it was worth living. We as individuals can't put ourselves in her place, even though we know by her writings how she felt. The problem with writing is that words can not always represent or explain how a person feels, because feelings are only truly known by the person who felt them.