A Puritan Period of People

By tammyh
  • William Bradford's Path to Success

    Did William Bradford's father's lack of education help or hinder Bradford's religious future?
    Religion was Bradford's passion. Spreading the belief of Puritanism was Bradford's hard-driven goal. If it weren't for his father's unability to provide him the customary education, Bradford probably would've pursued another career and changed his life completely. For Bradford to find his clear path for Puritanism, there had to be no other hindrances, such as strict education leading him another way.
  • Mary Rowlandson: A Kidnapping Cause

    What was the reason for Rowlandson's respect for her captors?
    Though the people who took Rowlandson and her children separated their lives, they also took care of Rowlandson by feeding her and giving her shelter. She most likely felt some importance to these people, as if she was needed. From her experience of being kidnapped, Rowlandson learned to depend on her captors and respect them to earn what she wanted.