The Puritan Legacy

By oliviar
  • William Bradford: Death of Faith?

    Once William Bradford died did the faith, religion, and beliefs of the Puritans die with him? I do think that when Bradford died the faith of the Puritans died wtih him. Once the Puritans found more fertile grounds for settlement and Boston was a more convinent place to live in, I feel like the faith was lost along with a lot of William Bradfords hard work on keeping the ideal society founded on religious beliefs, priciples, and morals.
  • Mary Rowlandson: Obeying Kidnappers?

    Why did Mary Rowlandson start to obey her Indian captors? I feel like the reason Mary Rowlandson stated to obey the Indians is because she didn't have anything else to really live for. One of her children were dead, one was in the wilderness, and the other was with Indians of the same tribe that would not let her mother come near her. Her only choice left really was to obey the Indians and pray to God that they would let her go.