The Puritan Legacy

By nicol
  • William Bradford: A Tragic Loss?

    How did the population decrease in Plymouth affect the rest of Bradford's life?
    The loss of people affected Bradford's life in a negative way. He felt that the Puritan people betrayed him by leaving. Bradford says, "Thus this poor church left, like an ancient mother grown old and forsaken of her children...Thus, she that had made many rich became poor herself." He feels that he is the one that helped them prosper and they didn't respect him for that.
  • Mary Rowlandson: Captivity With Indians

    Mary Rowlandson: Captivity With Indians
    How did the way the Indians treated Mary affect her attitude toward life?
    The Indians' treatment toward Mary Rowlandson was not very good. They would gather all of the animals that you wouldn't think of eating and then feed them to her. Some of these grotesque things were: horse's guts, ears, skunks, frogs. Even though the Indians treated her this way, she felt that it was God's will, so she kept a healthy attitude throughout her ordeal.