Missing Drums

Timeline created by lightmanx5
  • Brass Pearl snare was in JH

    JH's snare
  • Red snare was in 200

    HS's snare
  • Lilly noticed snares missing, we used Spanish snare

    HS had no snare and JH had no snare We informed Steven at this time, and he instructed us to use the snare from Spanish, which was the Pulse snare.
  • Steven got Brass Pearl snare for downstairs rehearsal

    JH's snare from Room 202
  • Lilly brought her own snare

    She didn't know Room 200 wouldn't have a snare. She thought we might be using the Spanish snare again though, and she likes her snare better.
  • (Unconfirmed) Josh Pratt brought his own snare for VC

    Lilly said that Josh pointed out to her that the drum set didn't have a snare.
    Brandon said that Josh usually brings his own snare.
  • Steven emails about missing Pulse snare

    Lilly remembers the snare had a broken head. She thinks no one has been using it, and doesn't think it's been fixed.
  • Dave calls, asking about missing snares

    HS's Red snare
    JH's Brass Pearl
    Pulse snare
  • Lilly brought her snare; Dillan used Spanish's blue snare