the history of francesanddaniel

Timeline created by danielandfrances
  • Frances and the man begin dating.

  • The Man, The Mrs., and Frances have a tryst.

  • Daniel and The Mrs. begin dating

  • Frances and Daniel are introduced for the first time at her bridal shower

  • Frances and the Man are married

  • Daniel and The Mrs.are married.

  • Daniel sees Frances and the Mrs. make out for the first time. He overhears frances tell her that if it were up to her she’d fuck both of them.

  • Daniel and the Mrs. visit Frances and The man. FandD hold hands and almost share a kiss, but chicken out.

  • Frances and Daniel meet for drinks/heavy makeout session, and for the first time in a hotel (with no sex, but mostly nude.)

  • Daniel and Frances meet for a movie, after which they have sex for the first time in his car. Later that month they spend their first weekend together

  • The foursome meet for a concert. FandD later have sex on the couch at his house while the others sleep

  • FandD take day trips to Cleveland and Toronto. They also manage to get picked up by cops for making out in a deserted parking lot.

  • FandD take a weekend trip to Montreal

  • The Mrs. intercepts a text from Frances. Frances tells the man.

  • FandD endure Radio Silence