Assignment #1: Nurses Throughout History

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In History
  • Mary Ann Bickerdyke

    Mary Ann Bickerdyke
    --During the Civil war she sought out wounded soldiers and established hospitals throuhgout her travels.
  • Dorothea Dix

    Dorothea Dix
    She was the Union Superintendent of Female Nurses, June 1861 was placed ahead of all nurses in army hospitals, and authorized a dress code for all nurses including a modest black or brown skirt and did not allow jewelry of any kind,
    She was nicknamed "Dragon Dix".
  • Clara Barton

    Clara Barton
    She became the superintendent of Union nurses in the Civil War and president of the American National Red Cross for twenty-two years.
    She was awarded Iron Cross, the Cross of Imperoal Russia, and the International Red Cross Medal.
    She founded National First Aide Society in 1904.
  • Linda Richards

    Linda Richards
    --She became America's first trained nurse.
  • Mary Eliza Mahoney

    Mary Eliza Mahoney
    --She became the first afican american professional nurse.
  • Isabel Hampton Robb

    Isabel Hampton Robb
    --She was appoint new head of John Hopkins School of Nursing.
    --She fought for reform in nursing education.
  • Lavina Lloyd Dock

    Lavina Lloyd Dock
    --She compiled a manual of drugs for nurses, Materia Medica for Nurses.
    --She strived to the health of the poor and to improve the profession of nursing as a whole.
  • Mary Adelaide Nutting

    Mary Adelaide Nutting
    --She became president of the John Hopkins Hospital school of nursing.
  • Lilian Wald

    Lilian Wald
    --She established Henry Street Settlement, to bring the services nurses offer to the poor.
    --She created the idea of school nurses by convincing New York City's Board of Education to hire them to place in the school system.
    --She fought to protect children by persuading President Theodore Roosevelt to establish the Federal Children's Bureau in 1912.
  • Margaret Sanger

    Margaret Sanger
    --She gave up the career of nursing to distribute birh control information.
    --In 1914 she founded the National Birth Control League, and in 1916 set up the first birth control clinic in the united states.
  • Virginia Henderson

    Virginia Henderson
    --She is known for her defination of what a nurse is, "The unique function of the nurse is to assist the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery (or to peaceful death) that he would perform unaided if he had the necessary strength, will or knowledge."
  • Annie Goodrich

    Annie Goodrich
    She was the Dean of Yale Universities nursing program, president of the American Nursing Association from 1915-1918, president of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Nursing, New York State Inspector for Trading Schools, director of nursing service at Henry Street Settlement, and professor of nursing at Teacher's College, Columbia University.
  • Mary Breckinridge

    Mary Breckinridge
    --She established Frontier Nursing Service.
  • Lillian Holland Harvey

    Lillian Holland Harvey
    --She recieved her masters' degree from the Teachers College at Columbia University and established the first baccalaureate program in the nursing program in the state of Alabama at Tuskegee University.
  • Hildegard Peplau

    Hildegard Peplau
    She puplished Interpersonal Relationships in Nursing in 1952.
    She emphasized the theories in a shared experience with patients and clients.
  • Madeleine Leininger

    Madeleine Leininger
    --She was a pioneering nursing theorist whose work mainly focused on what it is to care.
    --She developed the concept of transcultural nursing.
  • Ida V. Moffett

    Ida V. Moffett
    --She helped established accreditation for Alabama's first four-year collegiate nursing program, which was located at Tuskegee University.
    --In 1968 the board of Trustees for Baptist Medical Center of Birmingham named the school of nursing to honor her.
  • Martha Rogers

    Martha Rogers
    --She began working on her publication, An Introduction to the Theorietical Basis of Nursing.
  • Dorthea Orem

    Dorthea Orem
    Theory's of Self Care was published in 1971.
  • Jean Wason

    Jean Wason
    --She is founder of the original Center for Human Caring in Colorado and is a member of the American Academy of Nursing.
    --She is a nursing theorist who believes in thedpower of caring science.