Slash y su guitarra


By joako22
  • When he was born

    His really name is Saul Hudson,he was bornin England,in the city of Hampstead.
    Then he changed to Los Angeles,with his grandmother,because his parents separated.
  • A changed in his life

    A changed in his life
    When he was 14,her grandmother gave him an electrical guitar.
    Then he said that in a party he was aweking: “In a party,I was listening Aerosmith’s Rocks disc,it beat me very loudly.I sat down there and listened again and again.I remembered,I toke my bike and when I returned home I knew that my life changed.Now I identifying with something.”
  • When Slash knew Axl

    When Slash knew Axl
    Slash wanted to toke part in a band with Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin,but they chose other guitarrist,Tracii Gun.But then Tracii leaved the band,and Slash toke part in with McKagan(the batery is been touched by him).
  • Apetite for destruction

    Apetite for destruction
    The first album of “Guns n’ Roses” was “Apetite for destruction”,that extracted to the sale.This cd wasn’t recive well but it was including classic songs such as “Welcome to the jungle”,”Sweet child o’ mine”,”Paradise city”,”Mr brownstone” and “You are crazy”.
  • GN'R Lies

    GN'R Lies
    The second album was “GN'R Lies”,it was more quiet that the first,won 3 American Music Award and had the succesful song “Patience”.
  • Use your illusion

    Use your illusion
    The third cd was “Use your illusion”,the most sold album of “Guns n’ roses”,with songs like “Don’t cry” , “Live and let die”(the John Lennon's song),”Estranged” and “November rain”.Then they started a billiard that lasted 28 months.
  • Use your illusion II

    Use your illusion II
    Still in their tour,they extracted to the sale “Use your illusion II”,with songs such as “Civil war”,”Yesterdays”,”14 years”,”Knocking to the heavens door”(the succesful Bob Dylan's song),”You could be mine” and “Don’t cry” alternative lyrics.
  • A desaster

    A desaster
    In that time extracted to sale the cd “Spaghetti Incident?”That was a fall but with good songs like “Since i don’t have you” and “Ain’t fun”.
  • Slash's Snakepit

    Slash's Snakepit
    Then “Guns n’ Roses” was separated and Slash made a band called “Slash’s Snakepit”,and their first cd was “It’s five o’clock somewhere”.
  • Velvet Revolver

    Velvet Revolver
    In 2003 Slash made another badn with Duff,McKagan and Weiland called Velvet Revolver.
  • Contraband

    In 2004 “Velvet Revolver” extracted to sale the cd “Contraband”, that was the number one in E.E.U.U , number eleven in England andnumber two in Australia.
  • Libertad and a goodbye to Weiland

    Libertad and a goodbye to Weiland
    In 2007 “Velvet Revolver” extrated to sale a cd called “Libertad” but then the band threw the singer Weiland and was waiting a new singer.

    Now Slash is preparing a song with Lenny Kravits,Alice Cooper,Steven Tyler,Fergie,Ozzy Osbourne,Chester,Lenmy,Josh Freese and Flea.