Glacier early tourism


  • Thermal Pools

    Thermal Pools
    Late 1800 and people started coming to NZ to heal themselvesin the thermal mineral waters and go fishing in fresh water Lakes and Rivers.
  • Early Tourism

    Early Tourism
    Early tourism as we know it.This is pretty old fashioned and then it was almost the only way to see things without walking.
  • Tourist Record

    Tourist Record
    1938/39 21,762 tourists arrive in NZ a new Record!!!!
  • Skytower

    The Auckland Skyower was a BIG STEP in Tourism for NZ as it attracted
  • Beach

    Modern day tourists and all of the locals will probally chose to spend their summer like this.
  • Jetpacks

    The next generation for tourists. Jetpacks will soon probably take over from other ways of sightseeing. Touring countries on a Jetpack would be awesome!!!!!!