By meiri
  • 432

    St. Patrick

    Arrival of St. Patrick to help convert pagan Gaelic Kings to Christianity
  • 550


    Onwards irish monks rechristianize Europe
  • Jan 1, 1002


    Brian boru wins recognition as king of all Ireland
  • Aug 11, 1014


    High king Boru was killed at battle of Clontarf
  • Aug 11, 1167

    Normans arrive

    Arrival of Nornans: started 800 years struggle between English and Irish
  • Aug 11, 1541

    Henry VIII

    Henry VIII declares himself King of ireland
  • Rebellion

    Rebellion of Hugh O'Neill
  • Engish Law for Ireland

    James first: Enforcement of English law in Irland
  • Catholic- Gaelic Rebellion

    Catholic-Gaelic rebellion for return of lands, english settlers wer driven out of ulster
  • Slaves

    over 60,000 irish catholics had been sent slaves to carrebean islands
  • Anti-Catholic laws

    Anti-Catholic pendal laws introduced
  • Anti-Catholic Laws

    Anti-Catholic Penal Laws introduced
  • Falied Rebellion

  • potatoes famine

  • gouvernment

    The provisional gouvernment of the Irish Republic
  • Irish war

    Irish war of Independence against Britain
  • Civil war

    Civil war starts between free state army and IRA
  • British troops leave

    British troops leave 26 countries
  • Victims

    3,500 Peolpe died during the 30 years.
  • Today

    The two main parties made piece.
  • Attack

    Ireland attacked by Vikings on Lambay Island, off Dublin.
  • Brian Boru

    Brian Boru was born
  • defeating Vikings

    Brian Boru defeats Vikings
  • Book of Kells

    Book of Kells is written
  • settlements

    The settlements of Waterford, Dublin, Limerickb are established.