By kinsey
  • Jul 23, 1441

    African Slavery

    Cause: The first slaves were captured by a Portuguese captain and sold to be used for cheap labor.
    Effect: Portuguese began selling slaves to English, which opened a way for the slave trade.
  • Navigation Acts

    Cause: English manufacturers complained merchant-dominated trdes didn't pay attention to their exports.
    Effect:Navigaton Acts made it so traders in colonies could only trade with England.
  • King William's War

    Cause: Both England and france wanted supremacy in North America.
    Effect: The Treaty of Ryswick ended the war.
  • Florida Slave Policy

    Cause: To create a buffer against the English, Spain declared Florida a refuge for slaves.
    Effect: many slaves fled there under the conditions they convert to Catholicism and work.
  • Wool Act

    Cause: england didn;t want competition in the wool industry from other colonies.
    Effect: This act forbade colonial manufacture of wool.
  • Queen Anne's War

    Cause: Great Britain wanted to destroy refuge for slaves in Florida.
    Effect: Spanish allied with French but the English still won.
  • Virginia Slave Code

    Cause: regulations against slaves built up to this code and worked to the advantage of slave masters.
    Effect: strengthened slavery by making it seem morally correct.
  • Peace of Utrecht

    Cause: British won Queen Anne's war.
    Effect: Great Britain won exclusive rights to supply slaves.
  • Hat Act

    Cause: England didn't want competition from other colonies in the hat industry.
    Effect: This act forbade colonial manufacture of hats.
  • Iron Act

    Cause: England didn't want competition from other colonies in the iron industry.
    Effect: This act forbade the colonial manufacture of iron.
  • Molasses Act

    Cause: The Yankees shipped sugar to competing colonies by mixing it with legal goods.
    Effect: This act place prohibitive duty on sugar products brought to North America from other colonies.
  • War of Jenkins's Ear

    Cause: A sea captain named Jenkins claimed the Spanish had cut off his ear.
    Effect: Great Britain went to war with Spanish over slave colonies.
  • James Oglethorpe

    Cause: created Georgia to create buffer against Spanish and became a major plantation colony.
    Effect: most slaves were brought here by the 1740s to help work on the plantations.
  • John Woolman

    Cause: took a stand against slavery by using the bible for support.
    Effect: began a small antislavery sentiment by declaring everone of the same blood and asking others to put themselves in slaves shoes.
  • Tobacco Plantations

    Cause: as the demand for tobacco grew, so did expansion.
    Effect: boosted the slave trade as more labor was needed to expand.