Bacon's Rebellion

  • Berkeley's First Term as Governor

    Sir William Berkeley comes to America in 1640 and is appointed as Governor of Virginia the following year, replacing Sir Francis Wyatt.
  • Berkeley Again Becomes Governor

    Berkeley comes out of retirement to again assume the position of governor sometime in 1660.
  • Bacon comes to Virginia

    Sometime around 1674 Bacon comes to Virginia to settle and hopefully to stay out of trouble. Didn't happen.
  • Doeg Indians Attack

    Doeg Indians attack Thomas Mathews plantation, perhaps in response to his not paying for some goods he got from them. A plantation overseer named Hen is killed.
  • Long Assembly Convenes

    The Long Assembly opted to build a defensive perimeter to protect Virginia from attacking Indians, but this also led to higher taxes for the army.
  • Bacon Captures Jamestown

    Bacon's forces occupy and control Jamestown for the next few months, while Berekely's forces attempt to retake it a few times.
  • Bacon's Declaration

    Bacon publishes his Declartion to the People of Virginia, in which he levels charges of incompetence and criminal behavior at the governor and also names 19 others says are conspirators.
  • Jamestown Burned

    The whole city was burned. Some records show it was Bacon in frustration, others, however, say the Berkeley supporters burned their own homes first to deny shelter and support to Bacon.
  • Bacon Dies

    Bacon dies of "bloody flux",
  • Soldiers Arrive from England

    England had sent 1000 soliders to help crush Bacon, but they arrived after the rebellion had been ended.
  • Treaty with Indians

    A formal treaty, called the Treaty of Middle Plantation, was signed between the colonists and Indians.
  • Berkeley Dies in England

    Berkeley dies in England and is buried there.