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Memorial Union Renovation Time Line

By sstone2
  • Construction Document Phase

    July - December 2009
  • Treanor to present 90 % Design Documents

  • Treanor and WTW to present 100% Design Documents

  • ID Office Moves to Temporary Location

    The ID office moves into where Lyon County State Bank used to be. This would enable us to move Hornet Express into the ID office space.
  • Computer Lab Goes Offline

    The computer lab will be shut down. The space for the Computer Lab and the Heritage room next to the the lab) will be renovated as a temporary space for the Bookstore during Spring Break.
  • Award project

    Committee decides on the winning bidders. Awarding of bids takes place in Topeka.
  • Conference & Scheduling, Information Center, Hornet Express, Library for the Blind & Operations Manager Office Move to Temporary Locations

    Conference & Scheduling moves to Lower Level West. For guidance it is the space that was previously the Hornets Nest, SLIM, or Disability Services. Library for the Blind moves to Lower Level West as well, where Conference & Scheduling will be moved. Hornet Express moves to where the ID Office used to be.
    The Information Center & the Operations Manager office will move to the West Lobby first floor directly across the cafeteria entrance.
  • Construction begins

    Lower Level Computer Lab and Heritage are renovated for the bookstore to move into. Wall goes up in the bookstore on the East side currently where the textbooks are located.
  • Period: to

    Webb Lecture Hall goes Offline

    The last event before renovation begins in Webb Lecture Hall will be the Greek Banquet on April 15, 2010. After the Greek Banquet event Webb Lecture Hall goes offline. Webb is the first to go offline and the last to come online for the East portion of the renovation.
  • Contractors Move In

    Contractors start their work on the East side of the building (all 3 floors). Ramp on east side of the building is removed. Construction of East addition begins. East entrance is closed. Traffic is re-routed for able bodies to South side entrance via steps. Handicapped accessible entrances are via the North ramp entrance, and West ramp entrance. Handicapped parking stalls will be built between the Union and Plumb Hall. Additional handicapped stalls will be built on the south side of King Hall.
  • International Office Moves to First Floor South Morse

    International Office moves to first floor South Morse. Memorial Union Lower Level space after International Office moves gets renovated for the temporary bookstore space. Walls dividing International Office, Heritage, and the Computer Lab come down.
  • Bid project

    For this part of the project, the project is opened to contractors for bidding. Contractors will bid on aspects of the project such as Electrical, Mechanical, Carpentry, Steel Work, etc.
  • Bookstore moves to Union Lower Level Space

    July 06, 2010 – January 2011 Bookstore moves to where the International Office, Heritage Room, and the Computer Lab used to be.
  • Cafeteria Moves to Union Second Floor

    Cafeteria moves to its temporary space where, what used to be Kanza, Flinthills, and Greek. All residential Dining will be conducted in that space.
  • Library for the Blind moves back to permanent location Lower Level East

    Library for the Blind moves back into its permanent space on the Lower Level East side.
  • East Side Renovation Completed

    Bookstore, Hornet Express, ID Office, Conference & Scheduling, Union IT, Catering office, Information Center, and Operations Manager office is moved back to its permanent renovated location on First Floor East side. Newly renovated East addition entrance is opened to the public. The Chamber of Commerce event will be the first event that will be conducted in the newly renovated Webb Lecture Hall on January 28, 2011.
  • Cafeteria is moved to its newly renovated permanent location

    Cafeteria moves to renovated first floor West side.
  • Period: to

    Kanza, Flinthills, Greek, and Maint Street get renovated

    Kanza turns into a much nicer space. The entrance will have double doors. South wall will be all glass. A new sound system will be implemented.Flinthills and Greek will be turned 90 degrees so that their entrances are both in the hallway. Mainstreet lobby is remodeled. A narrow hallway will be made available to walk through the lobby.
  • Period: to

    Ballroom goes Offline

    Minor changes will be made in the Ballroom to restore it as close to its original look as possible. French doors will be inserted, original columns will be placed, North Wall, East to the fireplace will be walled off. Bays will be constructed so that they can be turned into independent rooms, and at the same time can be converted back to be part of the Ballroom.
  • International Education and Career Services move to renovated permanent location

    International Office, and Career Services is moved to its renovated permanent location on Lower Level West Side.
  • 2nd Floor West (Dependant upon Fund Raising)

    March 2012 - September 2012