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20th Century History

  • Assasination of Archduke Of Austria

    Assasination of Archduke Of Austria
    Francis Fedinand (the Archduke Of Austria) was assasinated by an independednt group of germans. This is considred to be the cause and begining of the First World War which would last for 6 years and unknowingly cause another war just years later.
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    20th Cenury History

  • Austiran-Hungary Alliance

    Austiran-Hungary Alliance
    The Austira-Hungary Alliance was the first to fire shots. They declared war on Serbia and soon invaded their country armed for battle.
  • Germany Declares war on Russia

    Germany Declares war on Russia
    In effort to follow through with thir alliance with the Ottoman Empire, Germnay declared war on Russia.
  • Germany Declares war on France

    Germany Declares war on France
    Germnay Decalres war on France just 2 days after declaring war on Russia.
  • Uk , Australia and Canada join war

    Uk , Australia and Canada join war
    On August 4th 1914. The British declare war on Germany, This automatically brought Canada into the war due to the subserviant status with Britain. Prim Minister Robert Borden offered his assistance and soon sent thousands upon thousands of white men (and 3500 aboriginals) to war. This war was considered "A white man's war".
  • Ottoman-Russia, Serbia Germnay

    Ottoman-Russia, Serbia Germnay
    2 countries declared war on this date, Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia and Serbia declared war on Germany.
  • Togoland Campaign

    Togoland Campaign
    The Togoland Campaign was a French/British invasion of the german colony of the Lome in the Costal Province of West Africa. The land had been taken from the British by the germans in 1884 and conrolled by them until 1914, when the british wanted the land back.
  • US Announces Neutrality

    US Announces Neutrality
    The US President at the time of he war (Woodrow Wilson) announces the United States' neutrality in the war.
  • Battle of Tannenberg

    Battle of Tannenberg
    The battle of Tannenberg took place in North Eastern Poland, the war lasted 4 days.
  • Battle of Ypres

    Battle of Ypres
    The first Batte of Ypres began on October 30th 1914. It lasted until November 24th 1914. This battle took place in Belgium.
  • Turning point for Germany

    Turning point for Germany
    Germany was blocking trade routes wih their marine forces, stopping import/export and cargo. The USA became enraged at this and germany's contact with mexico. These things put Germany at war with the USA. And I see this as Germany's turning point because they were now dealing with a very large and military forces.
  • Great Britain War Zone

    Great Britain War Zone
    Germnay declared a war zone around great britian.
  • Dardanelles Campaign

    Dardanelles Campaign
    The Dardanelles Campaign was a naval operation meant to disprupt the import/exports of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Second Battle of Ypres

    Second Battle of Ypres
    The Second Battle of Yres began on this day. This day also Marks the first use of Poison gas (used by the germans).
  • Battle of Verdun

    Battle of Verdun
    The battle of Verdun was marked as the longest battle during WW1 lasting from Feb 21st 1916-December 18th 1916. This Battle was fought between the Germans and French in the Western Front.
  • Gas Attack

    Gas Attack
    The Germans are known for their use of gas in both World Wars and were in fact the first to use poison gas in this war. This particualr attck is notable because of the great quantity of gas they used to gas in the british lines. There wer emany casualties on both sides of his battle (British, German). It lasted 3 days.
  • Battle of Jutland

    Battle of Jutland
    A Naval Battle fought between the Royal Navy (including ships from Australia and Canada) and the Germans. The Royal Navy won and they gained a dominance during the war.
  • Battle of Somme

    Battle of Somme
    During the Battle of Somme, Tanks were introduced for the first time to battle by the French.
  • Conscription

    After years of war, Canada and it's ciizens became wary of death and fighting. Due to the very few enrollents in 1917 after the Battle Of Somme, the canadian government implemented conscription.
  • Turning point for Russia

    Turning point for Russia
    When the Russian revolution began, Russia pulled from the war. This would have changed the entire dynamic of the war and the russian goverment.
  • Germany attempts to persuade Mexico

    Germany attempts to persuade Mexico
    Germany attempted to send a telegram to mexico too persuade them to join battle. The germans promised talliance with mexico, their efforts failed because the telegram was uncoded and intercepted by the british. Their efforts may have been wasted as mexico had a very weak army and would have been outnumbered by the USA.
  • USA declares war on Germany

    USA declares war on Germany
    After the news of the Zimmerman Telegram sent by Germany and the promises of taking land from the USA and giving it to Mexico, the USA declared war on Germany.
  • Turning point for France

    Turning point for France
    I see that france was absolutly a major part of "The Great War". I see their turning point as being when they added tanks to the battles. It showed their seriousness towards the war and the great lengths they go to.
  • Turning Point for Canada

    Turning Point for Canada
    Canada (Britain, Aus)- Battle of Passchendaele was a major battle for the Canadian Army, July 21st 1917, east of ypres. Nearly 16000 canadian men died in this battle, but that's nothing compaired to the 200000 Germans and Nearly 200000 Brits that were killed in this war.
  • Third Battle of Ypres

    Third Battle of Ypres
    The third and final battle of Ypres (also known as the Battle of Passchendaele) commenced on this date.
  • The Bolsheviks and Russia

    The Bolsheviks and Russia
    After much effort, the Bolsheviks Managed to overthrow the Russian Government.
  • Central Power in Russia

    Central Power in Russia
    Central power finally goes into power following the agreement of the new Russian Goverment.
  • Fourteen Points To Peace

    Fourteen Points To Peace
    The Fourteen Points To Peace were "issued" by the US president Woodrow.
  • Treaty of Brestlitovsk

    Treaty of Brestlitovsk
    The Russians signed the Treaty of Brestlitovsk; a peace treaty between russia and the central power.
  • Spring Offense

    Spring Offense
    The germans launched their Spring Offence on March 21st 1918 (this is also called the Keiser Battle). This was intened to be Germany's way of ending what we know as the World War 1. They wanted to defeat the British before the Americans used their full force.
  • Red Baron

    Red Baron
    The famous German Pilot given the nickname Red Baron was defeated on this day. This pilot had 80 air combat victories. He was well regarded as a National Hero in Germany.
  • The Armistice Of Compiegne

    The Armistice Of Compiegne
    The germans signed the "Armistice of Compiegne" and the fighting soon eneded on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. This marked the defeat of Germany to Western Europe
  • Paris Peace Conference

    Paris Peace Conference
    The Paris Peace Conference was a meeting amoungst over 2 dozen countries. This meeting was mainly about how to permanently end the war althought the fighting had stopped, they felt there needed to be an official end to it).
  • 3 events Impacted By The Paris Peace Conference

    3 events Impacted By The Paris Peace Conference
    1. The creation of the "League of Nation"
    2. Treaty of Verailles
    3. Human rights for African Americans and he African populaion in France were brought to light in these peacemaker meetings!
  • Treaty Of Versailles

    Treaty Of Versailles
    After 6 months of deliberation and collaboration at the , the Peace Treat or "Treaty of Versailles", This officially ended the war. This treaty was indeed registered by the league of nations.
  • Turning Point for USA

    Turning Point for USA
    USA-I think the turning point for the USA was when Germany was contacting mexico in regards to invading and taking land from the USA. Also, because the Germans were holding up trade routes, this would have effected many countries including the USA, Britain and the Germans themselves. (their own people dies of starvation).
  • Consequence of WW1 on Canada

    Canada's overall economy and trade was greatly impacted by the war (both before, during and after). Wheat went down in cost and nearly 50000 railroad workers lost their jobs. Canada's debt before the war stood at 94 million. It soon escalated to 200 billion and grew to 500 billion by the end of the great depression. Canada used a plan to pay 164 million to the country each year to pay off their debt from the war. That debt included debt to the people (War Bond) which helped fund the war.
  • Nazi Party is formed

    When the nazi party first formed, they were rather conservative in size. That quickly changed with a strong leader and drafting.
  • Foundation of the League of Nations

    Foundation of the League of Nations
    The league of nations was a group of the world's most powerful countries and people.It was created due to the Paris Peace Conference, and this League consised of 28 allied countries and 14 neutral countries.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    The stock market crash of wall street was accuratly named "Black Tuesday". This devistating crash effected the USA and Canada the hardest. Over production, under consumption, plummeting wheat sales/prices, poor stock investments caused this. The depression lead to the Worker's Union League. The union (which is still in effect today) provided far working conditions, payl, stability and unemployment insurance in Canada.
  • Nazi's Elected In Germany

    Nazi's Elected In Germany
    The Nazi Party is elected in Germany and take power. The word Nazi is stemed from the word Nationalism
  • Adolph's Citizenship

    Adolph's Citizenship
    As Hitler was Austrian born, he didn't have a German citizenship up until this time!
  • Adolph Hitler as Chancellor of Germany

    Adolph Hitler as Chancellor of Germany
    Paul Von Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor. This lead to great disaster and would surely be an action to regret!
  • Nazi Party

    Nazi Party
    The Nazi Party in Germany took full power of their country.The citizens of Germany went from having a democratic government to a Dictatorship practically overnight.
  • League Of Nations

    League Of Nations
    Germany left the League of Nations which was a an organization consisting of a large number of countries. They organization was created after the Paris Peace Conference.
  • Treaty Of Berlin

    The Treaty of Berlin was a treaty signed between soviet Russia and Nazi Germany to stay neutral if either of the countries were attacked.
  • Assassination of The Austrian Chancellor

    Assassination of The Austrian Chancellor
    The Austrian Chancellor was assassinated by the Nazis in venice. It's said that Hitler may not hae given this order!
  • German President Dies

    German President Dies
    With the death of the German Prsident at the time(Paul Von Hindenburg). As his health was poor his death was not unexpected when he passed from lung cancer. A new President was to be announced.
  • New German President

    Hitler held a Plebiscite after the German president's death. Hitler attained 90% of the votes to become the new President. This was technically not the way to go about this, however no one was about to contradict him.
  • Hitler Breaks Treaty of Versailles

    As earlier promisd in 1924, Hitler mananged to break the Treaty Of Versailles. He broke this important treaty in 3 ways: -Building his army in secrent and implementing a military draft.
    -Invading Austria
    -Moving troops in a demilitarized zone known as Rhineland
  • Jews in Germnay Stripped of Rights

    Jews in Germnay Stripped of Rights
    Hitler had a plan to "dehumanize" Jewish people. His first steps were:
    -Marking Jewish People with the Star Of David. Ironically, people believe the meaning behind the Star of David means unity, protection as well as the good and evil of human nature. -Classifying Jewish people. Depending on the number of jewish grandparents they had they were either full jew, first degree or second degree. -Forbidding them from hiring or marrying Aryans. -Stripping them from their citizenship.
  • War Plot Revealed

    War Plot Revealed
    Hitler held a secret conferance where he revealed his plans and said he would do so at the expense of his country.
  • Czechoslovakia

    Nazi's occupy czechoslovakia. This young and independent country experienced tens of millions of casualties!
  • non-aggression Pact

    non-aggression Pact
    The Non-Aggression Pact was a pact signed by the Russian Sovits and the Geman Nazis. This pact layed out the boarders of the countries and created an ally between these 2 powerful countries.
  • Night Of Broken Glass

    Night Of Broken Glass
    Between October 28-29, 6000-10000 Polish Jewish people were abducted from their homes. Essentially 3 million european Jews survived the Holocaust.
  • Pact Of Steel

    Pact Of Steel
    Germany and Italy signed the "Pact of Steel", which declared their trust for one another as well as a "union" of military and economic policies.
  • Britain/poland Treaty

    Britain/poland Treaty
    Britain and Poland signed a musual assistance treaty where they would aid eachother in inevitable war with Germany.
  • Nazi's Invade Poland

    Nazi's Invade Poland
    The Nazi's indeed invaded poland and concered them. The war led to th deaths of adults and children. The country was devistated and experienced much hardship afterwards (including the orphan children who's parents were killed)!
  • 4 Countries Declare War

    4 Countries Declare War
    Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand all decleared war on Germany on the same day. The Declaration of war was not official untilthe ultimatum ran out.
  • USA Neutrality

    USA Neutrality
    The USA anounces their neutrality toward the war.
  • Canada Declares War on Germany

    Canada Declares War on Germany
    Canada announced it's first independent declaration of war on germany.
  • Soviets Invade Poland

    Soviets Invade Poland
    As if they weren't damaged enough, the soviets decided to invade Poland as well.
  • Soviets/Finland

    The Soviets invaded Finland and the "Winter War" began. It lasted for 4 months. They signed a treaty on March 12th 1940
  • Germany Invades Russia

    Germany Invades Russia
    Despite their agreements and previous relationship, in the summer of 1940, The Nazi's invaded Soviet Russia. Nearly 25 million Russians were killed during WW2
  • Germany Invades Romania

    Although The Romanian King had announced neutrality, they were still brought into war after Germany invaded romania.
  • Germany Occupies Yogoslavia

    Germany Occupies Yogoslavia
    Germnay occupies Yogoslavia
  • Bombing at Pearl Harbour

    Bombing at Pearl Harbour
    The Japanese attacked Pearl harbour in effort to bring the USA into war. Pearl Harbour was the USA military base in Hawaii. There were thousands of casualties and Japan ultimately succeded by involving the USA in WW2.
  • Mass Gassing of Jews

    Mass Gassing of Jews
    Gas Chambers started in Auschwitz, wher they would round up people of jewish desent and kill them.
  • 1000 Bombers

    1000 Bombers
    The Royal Air Force managed to launch 1000 Bomber planes, targeted mainly to the germans!
  • Hiter's Assasination

    Hiter's Assasination
    Although Adolph Hitler's faite is soon to be revealed, he had survived his last assasination attempt in east Prussia.
  • Roosevelt's Fourth Term

    Roosevelt's Fourth Term
    President Roosevelt was elected into a fourth term. Although he dies on April 12th 1945, he is the only president to have servd more than 2 terms.
  • Hitler's Suicide

    Hitler's Suicide
    Hitler and his wife commited suicide together. His wife was said to have had severe mental illness and had attempted suicide a number of times while being in a relationship with Adolph Hitler.
  • WW2 Ends

    WW2 Ends
    When Japan surrendered to the USA, they essentially ended the war.