2020 Timeline

  • Neuralink

    Elon Musk wants to give people with paralysis their digital freedom back: communicate more easily through computers, write emails, surf the web, express their creativity through photography, use cell phones with ease and also be able to play video games, simply by thinking about how they want the cursor to move.
  • Metaverse

    The Metaverse is a virtual world, one to which we will connect using a series of devices that will make us think that we are inside it, interacting with all its elements. It will be like teleporting to a whole new world through virtual reality glasses and other accessories that will allow us to interact with it.
  • James Webb Telescope

    James Webb Telescope
    It stands out not only for the sharp images it has sent to Earth, but also for the sophisticated instruments such as the infrared light sensor.
    Thanks to the infrared of the telescope, it was possible to observe the infancy of the universe, this was one of the great functions of many of them.
  • ChatGPT

    ChatGPT will provide improved customer service and high-quality content creation, it will also be of great benefit to users. Its ability to provide fast and accurate responses to customer questions and improve the quality of content creators' content can have a significant impact on both the user experience and for companies.
  • Autonomous cars Volkswagen

    Autonomous cars Volkswagen
    The collaboration between the major companies Volkswagen and Bosch will be key. They plan to launch their new autonomous cars by 2023. With the new breakthrough in their 360° sensing technologies, the creation of a gigantic database and AI would enable the technology partners to take the autonomous driving system to the next step.