2011 in review

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  • cairo and alexandria, egypt

    cairo and alexandria, egypt
    tanks roll on the streets of cairo and alexandria as protesters defy a curfew on a protest of Mubaraks rule. 25 people are killed.
  • u.s

    there is no evidence that ecstasy causes brain damage and that the drugs dangers are greatly exxagerated
  • hyde park

    hyde park
    250,000 people protest against government spending cuts
  • westminister abby

    westminister abby
    prince william marries catherine middleton. watched by millions.
  • Meditaranian

    dozens of african migrants were left to die after european military ignored their cries for help.
  • U.S

    Ryann Dunn dies in when his vehicle crashed.
  • U.S

    Casey Anthony not found guilty.
  • U.S

    Gabrielle Gifford returns for debt crisis vote.
  • washingt and new york

    washingt and new york
    bomb threats as 9/11 approaches
  • new york financial district

    new york financial district
    month long occupy wall street movement continues
  • U.s

    sex abuse scandal shakes up penn state
  • North Korea

    North Korea
    Kim Jong Il dies