2010’s Technology Timeline

  • 2010 iPad

    2010 iPad
    iPads change the way people work on the go. It enhanced our lives because it was designed to be better at web browsing, email, photos, video, music, games, and ebooks.
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    2010’s Technology

  • Raspberry Pi Model B+

    Raspberry Pi Model B+
    The Raspberry Pi Model B+ became popular in the maker and educational communities due to its affordability, versatility, and the ability to run various operating systems, including Linux. It played a significant role in promoting hands-on learning and DIY electronics projects.
  • Microsoft HoloLens

    Microsoft HoloLens
    The Microsoft HoloLens represented a significant leap forward in the field of augmented reality and mixed reality, paving the way for the integration of digital information and experiences into our physical surroundings. It showcased the possibilities of spatial computing and had a lasting impact on the development of augmented reality technologies in various industries.
  • Google Duplex

    Google Duplex
    Google Duplex is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system that can make phone calls and engage in natural-sounding conversations with humans, including scheduling appointments and making reservations.
  • Apple Silicon

    Apple Silicon, specifically the M1 chip, represented a significant milestone in the evolution of personal computing, showcasing the potential of custom-designed ARM-based processors for high-performance laptops and desktops. It also set the stage for future advancements in Mac hardware and software integration.