2010-2020 Technology Inventions

  • iPad

    In 2010, Steve Jobs invented the iPad. Functioning similar to a computer or smartphone, the iPad has made the food industry more efficient by replacing cash registers and helping track company inventory. More than one million iPad apps are available in the App Store, accessible to every industry from education and medicine to real estate.
  • Venmo

    Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail launched Venmo in 2010. An app made to instantly send people money, also created a new and easier way for people to split their dining bills, movie and event tickets, or pay their rent. Transactions using Venmo allows users to send and receive money anytime without physically having to interact.
  • Crispr

    In 2012, Jennifer A. Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier discovered a powerful technology known as "genetic scissors." This technique enables manipulation to genomes of model organisms in scientific experiments, and modify characteristics of important crops and animals, also the potential of introducing revolutionary changes in medicine, especially treatment of genetic diseases.
  • Tesla Powerwall

    Tesla Powerwall
    Introduced in 2015, by Arch Rao, the Tesla Powerwall offers the ability with high level of sophistication, allowing you to program your usage to collect energy during off-peak hours, then consume it at peak times. Implementing energy pricing that varies based on time of use means it saves you even more money while also putting less stress on local power plants.
  • Google Assistant

    Google Assistant
    By accurately understanding what you want, Google Assistant, available on several devices allows you to compose messages, scan the internet for answers to questions, translate spoken words into 27 different languages, and more. Debuting in May 2016, this artificial intelligence was developed by Google.