2000-2010 Major inventions

  • Bluetooth (2000)

    Bluetooth 1.zero was initially launched in 1999, nevertheless, it wasn’t till 2000 when producers and main cellular carriers started incorporating it into their products. This is one of the inventions made in the 2000s.
    The Ericsson T36 was one of many first Bluetooth-enabled telephones to return to the market in June of 2000. This is one of the inventions made in 2000.
  • Toyota Prius (2001)

    While Toyota launched its first hybrid automobile, the Prius, in 1997 in Japan, it wasn’t till 2001 that the car grew to become accessible worldwide. This is one of the inventions in the year 2000. The Prius was one of many first unique vehicles powered by each gasoline and electrical energy. While it’s since skilled a lot of redesigns, greater than 10,000 Priuses have been bought in May 2017.
  • Facebook (2004)

    Launched in 2004 from his Harvard dorm room, Mark Zuckerberg created what would grow to be the world’s largest social media community, Facebook — then known as “The Facebook.” This is one of the inventions since 2000. Originally, the platform was solely accessible to Harvard students, however, as soon as it picked up in reputation, it shortly expanded.
  • iPhone (2007)

    In early 2007, Steve Jobs took the stage at Macworld in San Francisco and revealed a “revolutionary product” — the iPhone. This is one of the inventions of the 2000s timeline.
  • Android smartphones (2008)

    In 2003, Andy Rubin and three others launched, Android Inc., which created the Android working system, which might revolutionize the tech trade ceaselessly. This is one of the inventions after 2000.