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  • "Twice" and "Sixteen"

    "Twice" and "Sixteen"
    It all starts in 2015
    A group formed through the television program "Sixteen"
    Formed by:
    Survivors of the same program, which consisted of 16 people.
  • Debut with "Like OOH-AHH"

    Debut with "Like OOH-AHH"
    "Twice" made their debut in October 2015 with the release of their first mini album, "The Story Begins," along with the song "Like OOH-AHH."
  • The success of "Cheer up"

    The success of "Cheer up"
    The group's second EP "Page Two" and their title track "Cheer Up" were released in April 2016. "Cheer Up" ranked # 1 on the "Gaon Digital Chart" at the time of being released. making it the group's first song to take the top spot and later became the best song released in 2016 in South Korea
  • "Twicecoaster: Lane" and "TT"

    "Twicecoaster: Lane" and "TT"
    In October 2016, the group released their third EP, Twicecoaster: Lane 1 with the single "TT". The album became the best-selling album by a k-pop girl group and the fifth overall in 2016, selling 350,852 copies at the end of the year.
  • "Twicecoaster: Lane 2" and "Knock Knock"

    "Twicecoaster: Lane 2" and "Knock Knock"
    In February 2017, "Twicecoaster": Lane 2, the reissue of "Twicecoaster": Lane 1, with "Knock Knock" as a single, was released, eventually becoming the best performing digital song by a group in South Korea.
  • "Signal"

    Twice's fourth EP, "Signal", along with the self-titled single, was released in May.
    A quite experimental EP musically speaking.
  • "Twicetragram" and "likey"

    "Twicetragram" and "likey"
    In early September 2017, it was revealed that Twice filmed a new music video in Canada.
    His first studio album, "Twicetagram", was released in October with the single "Likey."
  • "Merry & Happy" and "Heart Shaker" for Christmas

    "Merry & Happy" and "Heart Shaker" for Christmas
    "Merry & Happy" is the reissue of the group's first studio album.
    In addition to the original song list, he has two new songs: the first is titled "Heart Shaker"
    and the second song, "Merry & Happy"
    The album and "Heart Shaker" debuted at No. 1 on four "Gaon" charts.
    While "Merry & Happy" entered and reached number 24 on the "Digital Chart" https://youtu.be/rRzxEiBLQCA https://youtu.be/zi_6oaQyckM
  • "Twice" in Japan

    "Twice" in Japan
    In Japan, "Twice" debuted in June 2017 with their first Japanese compilation album, earning their first platinum certification from the "Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ)". The group's first and second Japanese singles, "One More Time" and "Candy Pop." https://youtu.be/wQ_POfToaVY https://youtu.be/HuoOEry-Yc4
  • "What is love" A sweet song

    "What is love"  A sweet song
    What is love?" It is the fifth EP.
    Includes the lead single of the same name produced by Park Jin-young, a song with a brilliant melody and incorporated trap dance rhythm.
  • "Summer Nights" and "Dance the Night Away"

    "Summer Nights" and "Dance the Night Away"
    On June 7, 2018, it was confirmed that Twice was scheduled to return in July.
    "Summer Nights" is the expanded reissue of "What is Love?"
    "Dance the Night Away" is the title track, with a summery touch.
  • "Yes or Yes"

    "Yes or Yes"
    The sixth EP, "Yes or Yes", was released in November.
    In addition, the video clip managed to position itself as number one in trends in YouTube videos worldwide, mainly in countries; Mexico, South Korea and Japan.
  • "The Best Thing I Ever Did"

    "The Best Thing I Ever Did"
    "The Best Thing I Ever Did" was a single released for Christmas at the end of the year.
  • "Fancy you"

    "Fancy you"
    "Fancy" was released as the lead single from "Fancy You"
    In addition to a world tour that will begin in May 2019 in which the group will visit cities such as Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Los Angeles, Manila, CDMX, Newark, Chicago and Kuala Lumpur.
  • "& Twice"

    "& Twice"
    In 2019, Twice's fourth and fifth Japanese single "Happy Happy" and "Breakthrough" were released in July as the double concept project, and extended the group's record for consecutive platinum certifications. Both singles appeared on the group's second Japanese studio album, "& Twice," which came out in November 2019.
    https://youtu.be/3n9rDwpa6QA https://youtu.be/ZdKYi5ekshM
  • "Feel special"

    "Feel special"
    The group announced the EP on September 8 with a teaser featuring background music and Nayeon. The teasers were released from high to low on September 16 at 12 p.m. KST on September 10, the track list was revealed on social media.A comeback in which a member was missing due to health reasons (Mina).Due to this she did not promote at this time.
  • "Fake and True"

    "Fake and True"
    The music video focused on the group's glamor and fashion sense, with the girls wearing high fashion outfits throughout the video. Mirror visual effects, VR goggles, masks, glitch effects, video cameras and screens, as well as a lie detector, were used throughout the music video to make the viewer wonder what it is " true and what is false ".
  • "More and More"

    "More and More"
    Musically, "More & More" was described as a tropical house song with an instrumental chorus. The lyrics detail the emotions that escalate in a romantic relationship.
    Along with the song, his music video was released, which went viral on YouTube, accumulating 14.7 million views in 15 hours chart.Upon its release, "More & More" received generally positive reviews from specialists, who praised its production and musical direction.
  • "Fanfare"

    Jihyo, leader of Twice, noted that "Fanfare expresses a world that seems to feel alive, with a very powerful and positive" Twice ". He indicated that the concept of the song is "to make the world brighter by concentrating on transmitting energy and support to all the people in the world."
    Exactly four days after its release, the song went on to sell an estimated 177,000 copies, and also reached the top of the "Billboard Japan Hot 100" chart.
  • "Eyes Wide Open" and "I can´tstop me"

    "Eyes Wide Open" and "I can´tstop me"
    On October 10, "JYP Entertainment" revealed the track list for the new album, confirming that it will contain 13 songs, 4 highlighting the participation of several of the "Twice" members as authors of various tracks, and that the lead single The album is titled "I Can't Stop Me"
    In this return, a member in promotion did not participate, due to health reasons. (Jeongyeon)
  • "Better"

    "Better" seventh Japanese single from his discography.
    It was also reported that the single album would include two songs, "Better" and "Scorpion", the first being the main title, as well as the instrumental versions of both. The cover art and concept photos of the single were also revealed.
  • "Cry for me"

    "Cry for me"
    On December 6, 2020, "Twice" performed at the "Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020" awards show, where they performed their last two Korean singles, "More & More" and "I Can't Stop Me", to later present for the first time and in an unpublished way the song "Cry For Me". (Digital song)
  • "Twice"

    "Twice" with more than 29 music videos, Girl Group from the Nation of South Korea. More than 5 years of career.
    Twice is the first K-Pop girl group to sell 100,000 concert tickets online.
    First K-Pop girl group to exceed 200,000 sales in one day.
    First K-Pop girl group to surpass 5 million sales.
    First K-Pop girl group to achieve 100 PAK. etc...
    Is Amazing