1991- 2001

  • Famous actors during their time

    Famous actors during their time
    Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise During the middle 1990s
  • Recession

    A big recession in the early 1990´s. The united states incurred a net loss of 858,000 jobs
  • house pricing

    Average House Price 72,290
  • ban

    A Formal Ban on the Trade of Ivory is introduced
  • Technology gets big

    Technology gets big, Banks then invest $19 billion in technology.
  • Oil price shock

    Oil price shock
    The price of oil went up due to the Iraq invasion of Kuwait on August 2nd, 1990 making the average price of oil go up from $17 per barrel to $36 dollars per barrel in October
  • 1990 Budget Enforcement Act

    1990 Budget Enforcement Act
    This act created caps for discretionary spending and created PAYGO rules for taxes and certian entitlement programs. This act began to raise taxes even though it was expected not to.
  • Minumum wage

    Minumum wage
    minimum wage in 1991 was 4.25
  • Superbowl

    The super bowl(2000) was held in New Orleans and Tampa(1991)
  • Average living Expense

    Average living Expense
    house payments were around $465 per month
    Untilities were about $44 for electricity and $50 for natural gas
  • Govenors of Mo

    Govenors of Mo
    John Ashcroft(1991), Mel Carnahan(1992), and Roger B. Wilson(2000)
  • nasa

    The Ulysses space craft was launched in 1990 and was a joint effort between the ESA and NASA.
  • Space

    In 1991 the Hubble space teloscope was sent out and took its first observations of Jupiter
  • Banking

    The banking industry earns a record profit of $32 billion for the year
  • President(s) were elected

    President(s) were elected
    Bill Clinton was elected
  • employment and wage decline

    Sluggish economic, employment and wage growth marked the period from 1991 to 1995.
  • wage growth and employment speeds up

    incomes grew due to faster employment and faster wage growth towards the end of 1990s.
  • heat wave

    1995 chicago heat wave killed over 739 people
  • Nickelodeon Ruled

    Nickelodeon Ruled
    Shows such as Rugrats (1991)and Hey Arnold! (1996) premiered and air still watched today
  • crisis

    The global financial crisis creates unease in the world financial markets and raises questions about the strength of the international financial system.
  • Google

    google was created
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999

    this act Creates a new financial holding company authorized to envest in and developing real estate activities
  • Mimumum wage

    Mimumum wage
    Minimum in 2000s was 5.15
  • Two famous Musicians

    Two famous Musicians
    2 Pac and Radiohead
  • New car pricing

    New car pricing
    A new camaro in 2000 cost 10,995
  • President(s) were elected

    President(s) were elected
    George W. Bush was elected